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Full Version: Fan Favorites? More like "developer favorites"
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As we know 'fan favorites' is a term in the series for Skylanders who is well-liked by the fanbase and are considered notable flagship characters for the franchise, like Spyro and Stealth Elf.

However, the developers make the calls on who should be reposed or not, and the chosen Skylanders are sometimes those that are well-liked mostly by the game developers themselves.

The prime example of a 'game developer favorite' Skylander is Gill Grunt, he is reposed EVERY GAME, even got a SuperCharger form. Mostly because the developers like him so much. Other possible example is Shroomboom.

Curtis Orr, SuperChargers artbook Wrote:Did you know that every Skylanders game has had a new version of Gill Grunt?
It kind of destroys the point of fan favorites if the developers get the call on who can get reposed for a future game or not, and puts in THEIR favorites in instead.
Ohhhhh that's why he appears in pretty much every game! After many times I heard of people saying they don't like Gill grunt it made me wonder why he still gets so many reposes than even Spyro lol! Pretty selfish of them honestly to do that and give squat to the actual fan favorites.
It might be the marketing team in Stealth Elf's case. But considering Acti is already real bad with community interaction, I wonder if they gave the dev teams a list of what the "marketing chart" concluded or something, and told them to say it was aaaalll the loveable creators' idea. Because yes, Eruptor, Pop, Spyro, Terrafin, SE(her mostly for the lack of impactful Life skylanders)- legitemately popular with the kids though for some it was probably overexposure. Jet-Vac, Roller Brawl, Gill Grunt? Not so much.
I thought the fan favorites were determined by sales at first.