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Spyro's Adventure Remaster Ideas/Thoughts
Sorry if I mislead you with the title... but this has not been confirmed to be a thing.
No, rather this is a place where we can come together and put ideas together on what could be included in a remaster of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

Now you may be asking, why should a game that was released just over 5 years ago be remastered so soon?
Well, I think this comparison will tell you why.
Show ContentFirst, have a look at these screenshots:
Show ContentNow look at this one (annoyingly, I couldn't get any more to work):

Yeah... from that screenshot alone, you can definitely see that there is a stark difference in presentation. And with the addition of a jump mechanic starting from SWAP Force, there is also a stark difference in combat/gameplay.

Those 2 reasons alone justify why it should be remastered.

Then comes the question of what would be in the remaster.
Same game with better graphics? BORING! No, this needs to be more than just an update to the first game; it needs to have some of the features and extras we have/had from later titles.
Here are just a few of my ideas:
  • Functionality with all 150+ Skylanders, and just as many Heroic Challenges. (Long shot - I know!)
  • Skylander interactions - restricted to certain Skylanders, though, since doing it for all of them would be way too hard/tiresome.
  • Pandergast, so that we can race if we have vehicles. (Only time they're ever be used in-game.) Instant vehicles available.
  • A variant of Skystones that is determined by our physical collection. I.e. the Skystones are of the Skylanders we have.
  • Availability to all Adventure Pack levels.
  • The leveling up system used in Imaginators, because it was about time one like that was used.
  • Portal Master powers, like those in SuperChargers.
Anything else you want to add? Just list it below.

Also, tell me what you think of the idea for a Spyro's Adventure. Vote in the poll: do you think one is needed or not?
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I've always thought that Spyro's Adventure (and Giants for that matter) will eventually be remastered. I agree with everything you suggested. But I also think they should add the quests Skylanders used to have (was that from SwapForce?). I loved trying to complete every one for all my Skylanders, it added a TON of replayability.
Those are nice suggestions, but honestly I think the game is fine as it is. Idk, I have more of the attitude to leave things that are nice already alone. To quote Flynn in SuperChargers:
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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