[RUMOR] Spyro Trilogy HD Remaster?
So a user, Laura Kate Dale, who is known for posting leaks that sometimes turn out accurate has just revealed today that Activision will announce Spyro trilogy HD remaster next month, with Vicarious Visions developing the games and set to be released in Q3 2018.

Social media is buzzing and even trending on the Spyro remaster subject. We'll find out in March or later.

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A Spyro HD Remaster? Announcing Next Month? Set to be released during Autumn 2018? ALREADY!?! well swallow my opinions about that and vomit it up again,  it's happening. I don't care it's release in 2019 instead of suppose 2018, THEY MUST RELEASE THE PURPLE MYTHICAL DRAGON! But if I may frank that VV is making it besides Toys for Bob so does that mean we're getting Skylanders 7 as well. If so, we have to expect Malefor to be in it. But the question still stands, What trilogy should they remake. Sure original will be a precise answer but I would be surprised that they will do The Legend of Spyro one instead. Besides that, I don't care which one's getting a remaster either way. Let the rumors be true!.

Edit: I only realise their doing a original trilogy while reading up their Kotaku news. My mistakes Smile
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It's in the Trap Team forums. Duh.

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