IDW Comics Discontinued
According to one of the comic artists for Skylanders, Jack Lawrence, the comic series was wound down so as not to compete with the Netflix show for continuity.

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That's too bad! I loved the comics, and they really had integrity and continuity with the games. But I understand why they would make this move. Perhaps we may eventually get comics based on Academy? Probably not, but who knows.
I'm so angry at this news, we will never know the whole Malefor thing.
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I was waiting for this official announcement.
It was kind of obvious that this would happen when it was revealed that they would be doing Sonic the Hedgehog comics in replacement of Archie.

Still, sad to see these go...
Great,Just Great more bad things are happening to Skylanders,This is just sad for Skylanders Fans Sad
It was inevitable, mate.
IDW moved on.
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Knew this was going to happen. We haven't had any new comics in forever anyways. I'd rather have the show than the comics.
Well the show is more popular,I'll give you that

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