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Full Version: Is ok to make Crossovers?
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And i mean Crossovers in general of any kind.

It's ok? Or it's not ok? I'm just asking.
It depends on what is crossing over. Some are good; others, not so much.

That's all I've got to say.
Crossovers are okay all the time, its whatever you want to do really.
This is ok to make this into a thing?
In fan content? Anything is fine for crossovers.

In official content? The styles or content should mesh well with each other. As a viewer, I want to believe it could work. Doesn't mean they can't do it, but I'd expect a bit more thought than a lazy cash grab. Example: Bowser and DK seemed weird in Superchargers at first, but the tie-in comic made me see that it works. However, the current Yo-kai Watch crossover event in FFXIV does not really work, IMO. The game tries to make it work, but it looks and feels way too out of place with both the style and the content.
(08-07-2016, 10:12 AM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: [ -> ]This is ok to make this into a thing?

I'm trying to count the number of different crossovers are in that picture. It can work, as long as it doesn't come across as awkward. Just don't go over the top and it should be fine.
Some of the characters are Skylanders OC's. Anyway i see a lot of people hating on crossovers, really i see nothing wrong with one crossover, just look at Kingdom Hearts,Super Smash Bros. The Avengers(I don't know if this is consider a crossover at all) they're pretty sucessful.
I don't see ANYONE hating on crossovers. Then again, I'm going to different places than you, Kairi. (I just realised how dirty that sounds... I didn't mean it like that!)

As far as I know, The Avengers and Smash Bros. are more culminations of a single companies franchises. But Kingdom Hearts is DEFINATELY a cross over; not only does it feature all new characters, but it also includes characters out of Final Fantasy VII and fits them all into the Disney universe. How Square Enix pulled it off is a miracle, but look at what we have now: Kingdom Hearts! Smile
Smash Bros and Kingdom Hearts are example of crossover well done.

One example of bad crossover that comes to mind is including Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur IV.
Coming from someone who is usually wary of crossovers, the reason why people dislike them comes from the people changing characters aspects and personalities to make their crossovers make sense or not seem too impossible. When you have feel like you have to change something about the characters then your crossover probably isn't going to work.

Plus less be honest, some crossovers are too cringey for words. Like SonicxMLP crossovers. Ugh....
Yes, someone on this forum has a problem with them.
(10-05-2016, 12:52 PM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, someone on this forum has a problem with them.

I wouldn't worry about them. You're probably one of the only really good crossover artists around. Besides, if you like it than that is all that really matters.  Big Grin
Sorry to bring this back Like why is it wrong doing crossovers videos? I don´t know what´s the issue with them? they don´t hurt anyone.

And I mean several types of those videos.
I don't think it's got to do with the crossover in the video or the video itself... but the way both are presented.

Do it right and people enjoy it... but more times than not people do it all wrong. Like it's some second rate fan-fiction made for the sake of "shipping" 2 characters.
Yeah, those ones aren't all too... *ahem* interesting.
I remember a good Disney/cartoon crossover video editor named TonyWDA who did excellent mixes of other characters interacting with one another.

Like how he mixed scenes with Disney characters reacting to the climax of the Princess and the Frog and the final battle between Aladdin and Jafar. He stopped making crossover videos when he got struck with copyright.
I see this everyday, people hating on videos with that particular theme...

And if it´s not well done you´ll get a plus, but if you don´t...