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Full Version: Skylanders Hardcover Ruled Journal (Insights Journals)
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The upcoming Skylanders Hardcover Ruled Journal (Insights Journals) is an artbook about the Skylanders franchise. We don't know what kind of art will be in the book, but hopefully art that is eyecatching and ones we've never seen before.

Quote:Enter the magical realm of Skylands to stop the evil ruler Kaos with the Skylanders Hardcover Ruled Journal.

The magical realm of Skylands is under attack from the evil ruler Kaos, and only the Skylanders can stop him. Based on the Skylanders series of games, this hardcover ruled journal features all of your favorite characters in action-packed, exciting artwork that complements your writing experience.

With sturdy construction and sewn binding, this journal lies flat, and the 192 ruled, acid-free pages of high-quality heavy stock paper take both pen and pencil nicely to invite a flow of inspiration. Includes a ribbon placeholder, elastic closure, and 7.5 x 4.5-inch back pocket, perfect for holding photographs and mementos.
Neat! I love art books, so I will absolutely be picking this up.
Concept art, perhaps? I love viewing concept art!
Why? To get an idea of what was happening behind the scenes... and it shows that the devs didn't just implement ANYTHING with no thought. I like seeing original ideas in their raw state.
Who has two thumbs and is way too excited to possibly have a legitimate ref they can use offline? This gal!~
I do too, but I mostly use them to play video games.
You really should see my finger work...
Uh, I mean when gaming!

(begins banging head on wall and shouting "DAMMIT!" several times)
We finally got a look at the Insights book:

Between this and the Crash Bandicoot behind-the-scenes book, I'm looking forward to cracking open some good old fashioned hardbacks!
The book is alright, but it has nothing other books haven't covered, give or take a few sentences and confirming Kaossandra's name in canon.
Book is out now.