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Full Version: Jeff Murchie's Concept of Imaginators (Minor spoilers)
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Jeff Murchie, TFB concept artist, has started posting concept art of Imaginators on the Senseis and enemy characters.

[Image: Skylanders_Imaginators_Jeff%2BMurchie_Jump_Rope.jpg]

[Image: Skylanders_Imaginators_Jeff%2BMurchie_SpikeShell.jpg]

[Image: King%2BPen_Skylanders_Jeff%2BMurchie.jpg]

[Image: King%2BPen_Poses_Skylanders_Jeff%2BMurchie.jpg]

[Image: Chop%2BScotch_Skylanders_Jeff%2BMurchie.jpg]

[Image: Ambush_Skylanders_JeffMurchie.jpg]

[Image: Ember_Skylanders_Jeff%2BMurchie.jpg]

[Image: TriTip_Skylanders_Jeff%2BMurchie.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_sheep_mage_by_mur...am4y1z.jpg]
So they re-used a past villain name for an enemy?
Well, there's some confusion to be had on the Wiki!
Or they ignored Swap Force and have no idea that a character named Sheep Mage existed.
True. SWAP Force was by Vicarious Visions and Imaginators is by Toys for Bob, so they may have not have known of the original Sheep Mage's existence.
Imagine if they reference this in a future game where you see the Sheep Mage but then when he's giving an introduction the Imaginators version comes out. "There can only be one that brings sheepy doom."

Actually i'm not sure if it really was an accident because SPOILERZ:
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Here's another:

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_shrimpy_enemy_con...am8xdn.jpg]
Ha! Shrimpy lol I thought they were lizards. This made my day.
Is it a regular or jumbo shrimp? I don't remember seeing shrimp before this guy in skylanders.
So the names aren't final...

Also weapon concept art:

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_weapon_concepts_b...amb6sz.jpg]
Oh man! I absolutely love concept art! it's fun to see and speculate what ideas made it and how the game could've been vs how it turned out! I'm not big int skylanders but I do like the art style and the quality of the illustrations is really nice.

I like all of the weapons and the enemy designs. It amazes me how they're able to come up with this stuff year after year.

(10-24-2016, 05:33 PM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]Or they ignored Swap Force and have no idea that a character named Sheep Mage existed.

Is it sad that I actually like this sheep make more than the one in Swap Force? Lol. I mean this guy is way cuter and it's freakin sheep that is a mate where as the other dude just deep sheep things lol.

Idk i just think this one is funnier in concept.

But yeah it is odd that they used essentially the same character twice. Makes ya wonder if they could be running out of ideas or it truly was a mistake. Oh well. Nice try Artist guy
He added more.

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_rat_enemy_by_murc...ameg6s.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_enemy_concept_by_...amvuxf.jpg]
I still fail to understand the concept behind the Tube Shark. It just looks weird.
Here's more~

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_doomlander_bazook...an8m05.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_brain_concept_by_...an4yi2.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_doomlander_smashe...anjcm9.jpg]

[Image: more_doomlander_concept_art_for_skylande...anr4y4.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_ancient_enemy_by_...anwfc4.jpg]

[Image: skylanders_imaginators_doomlander_sentin...aoh3xo.jpg]
Why didn't this guy get his own boss battle? He's so cool.
So now we can see what the Sentinal Doomlander looks like close-up.
I agree that it's a pity he never got used as an actual boss, it at least he is still in the game - if only somewhat. We still know very little about it.
I wonder why you can't get all the parts of the doomlanders. Sure you can with at least two but most of the other doomlanders have unique parts. I wish I could use the same head as that for my tech sentinel.
Jeff mentioned there were technical issues when trying to add certain heads of the Doomlanders as Imaginator parts.
You can still unlock some of them, like the Sorcerer and Brawler Doomlanders.
Was there also technical limitations to different body types for different classes, like how the doomlander swashbuckler has legs and the doomlander brawler doesn't have a chest piece?
Concept art of the Doomlanders, and the Swashbuckler Doomlander was originally the Sorcerer Doomlander!

Saying that the Sorcerer Doomlander was originally female is only skin deep. I mean, the design doesn't give ANYTHING anyway!
Then again, that's probably a good thing... (you know what I mean?)
Oops! Fixed my post. XD
Oh, NOW that makes me look at the work and notice it!
I didn't notice it before until you fixed your mistake.

Don't worry, we all make 'em.
Original Pit Boss toy pose before final changes:

*sees #9*


I love those quotes!
Next time your browsing around for some Team Fortess 2 gems, look into Soldier's Halloween quotes from 2012 (I think).