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Full Version: Missing Links (S1 E03)
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Missing Links

When the Skylanders struggle to work as a team, sensei King Pen shows them how to build a new teammate that combines their talents.

[Image: Missing%20Links.png]
Just reading that description...
That's hilarious!
I really enjoyed this episode! Having King Pen and an Imaginator in it was a nice surprise. I'm really impressed that they actually managed to get characters from the most recent game into the script.
This was a good episode! I like how they blend elements from all the games and respect TFB and VV work.
Just finished watching it for the first time. There were funny moments and I liked some of the references and nods, but it pails in comparison to the previous episode in my opinion.
Also, I do feel as though this episode is out of sync with the rest of the show. Oirazel himself said that this was supposed to be the 11th episode, so I classify it as that. Now to just watch the 7 episodes that technically come before it.
Like the whole joke on their catchphrase the best part over all.
I really liked the mentions of the catchphrases! It definitely made me smile.
To me the Episode was good
Dan talks about his character in Academy: Cy.

Deleted my last post since you know. It sounded agressive and all but... I watched the full episode pretty good especially Dan´s Role, but like Oirazel says this episode is after Crash Landing.

And the Catchprases part oh my kingdoms they did, they did.

I don´t get the why people are so against Youtubers voicing characters in a TV show or movie, i noticed this more in the Latin Spanish Speaking countries, but still.
^Probably because certain Youtubers lack the experience in Voice acting that sometimes they sound bland and emotionless.

I'm happy that Fire Vipers returned, at least in a more animated form than in Swap Force.