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Full Version: Assault on Skylander Academy (S1 E12)
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Assault on Skylander Academy

When Eon falls seriously ill, the Skylanders must race to find a light energy source to heal him. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders attack the academy.

[Image: Assault_on_Skylander_Academy.jpg]
Okay now this episode really made this show feel like Gravity Falls. Too bad we have to wait literally a year to find out what happens with Kaos and Glum and all the others. I feel like Kaossandra is protecting Kaos from the darkness in the sense of not letting him get in too deep. Somehow it actually made me respect Kaossandra and I clap for the people who made the show in making me like I character I hated. Bravo
Definately my favorite episode along with Dream Girls. The show's full potential is here, with tons happening in the same 22 minutes without losing the pace, and the plot FINALLY picks up and doesn't stop for filler.
this show is going to get so much better as it continues, I feel like this could be a retelling of the events of the video games or like a prequel to everything. i am really excited for what season 2 will bring.
The show is non-canon to the games; it's not a prequel, I'm afraid to say.
A retelling, however, seems more accurate. I doubt that's the case, but it's not entirely off the table.
This episode seems to get a lot of people and I fall victim to cause my god that ending really leaves interpretation and excitement for the next year but they need time.
This last episode was AMAZING! I really felt like everything came together and clicked just right. I can't wait for season 2 now!!!!! The dynamics between all the villains felt really natural and was very compelling. I also loved how the mentioned lore-ish things like, "The Great War" and Kaossandra not being seen in public in a while. They also finally gave Kaos some credibility. I LOVED IT!!!!!
I haven't seen a Spyro this serious since The Legend of Spyro trilogy, or maybe some other moment in Skylanders or in the original Spyro games I've forgotten.