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Full Version: Imaginator parts based off other Skylanders you wish they'd added
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like the title says, what Skylanders do you wish they'd included parts for? A few I wish they had include:

tails & wings of every dragon Skylander
Traptanium weapons
genie naga ( IE, Ninjini's smoke tail )
Crusher's hammer
Trigger Happy's golden guns
Chill's ice polearm ( Sentinel weapon )
Zook' for the lame pun Tongue
Roller Brawl's legs
Blastermind's Traptanium headgear

on the Traptanium weapons: I was thinking 1 per class

Smasher: Bushwhack's axe
Bowslinger: Snap Shot's bow
Ninja: Lob-Star's stars
Sorcerer: Enigma's staff
Sentinel: ?
Brawler: ?
Swashbuckler: Wallop's hammers ( yeah, they're not swords but that's part of the fun )
Bazooker: Kaboom's cannon
Knight: Knight Light's sword or Thunderbolt's sword
Actually Lob stars stars are already a ninja weapon, with a +5 attack power.... seriously, why did they make it so weak?

Maybe Jet-Vac's gun for the quickshot or bazooker class or Stealth Elf's blades for the swashbuckler class.
Tuff Luck's Warblades as Swashbuckler weapon, Snap Shot's Traptanium Bow and Arrow, Cynder's tail and horns....
I don't really use/create Imaginators, but I would have liked to have seen Trigger Happy's golden guns for Quickshot weapons, a rather humorous Bazooka weapon based on Spyro's head, and more body parts based on SuperChargers, like Bone Bash Roller Brawl or Spitfire.
(12-09-2016, 04:13 PM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]Tuff Luck's Warblades as Swashbuckler weapon, Snap Shot's Traptanium Bow and Arrow, Cynder's tail and horns....

wow, I forgot about Tuff Luck's warblades as Swashbuckler weapons...makes me feel stupid considering she's my favorite Trap Master Tongue
Missed opportunity...
Wash buckler legs or night shifts chest or arms freeze blades ice chackram or stink bombs tail or ponytail.
Weapons sprockets spanner or zoo lous club for the smashers
The kights knight Maire's sword sentinels splats paint brush / staff
Everyone with mist legs for Swashbucklers, the dragons' wings(Flashwing, Spotlight,etc) for backpacks...

For weapons, hard for most Skylanders with weird weapons, but there's a weird lack of Enigma's staff.