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I was been thinking... don´t you think the show is trying to be hip and trendy?

Selfies, mention of Apps and other things.

The show will out of place in a few years because those trends will sooner or later died out.
For better or worse, I like when shows do that cause when you remember the show in 10, 20, 30 years later, you will be remembered of what was trendy at that time.
Cell phones, video games, computers, Skyflix, Bowling Scones, Jimi Matrix... all them modern day parody references are in this show.
It's pretty dated but I've seen muuuch worse these last few years. Some jokes will be lost but it's clearly made to be the ones you'll ignore on a second viewing.
At least they're not PPG level of cringe. The meme references in that show are PAINFUL!
Come think about it, Zootopia has smartphones and tons of modern stuff and no one lashes on the movie. I notice that cartoon fans want "Timeless" cartoons.
Modern stuff is different from making dated references. A phone or some terms are fine, but taking PPG as a example, twerking is really dated since in three years people will have *no* idea of what it's about. With tools and more general slang, you'll find an answer easily because those things stayed in people's minds, but not a meme that got forgotten as soon as people got tired of it.
Oh yeah, I forgot there´s mention of "Millenials" on Epsiode 8. Yeah that´s trying too hard in there.
will it be cool if spyro and cyender will me each ather at the first time?
They are meeting for the first time in the show, rafin. Obviously lol
are u reading my question?

if not? then read it
if yes then answer it
That's exactly what she did. Maybe word it a little better if you think you're not being understood.
(02-23-2017, 12:02 PM)rafinovich Wrote: [ -> ]are u reading my question?

if not? then read it
if yes then answer it

You posted your question multiple times already... ;L
is a "yes","no" question?
..... -_-