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Full Version: Spyro & Friends Quarterly Discussion Thread
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Skylanders: Spyro & Friends Quarterly: FULL BLAST!
Status: Set for Release in July 2017

Join Spyro and his fellow Skylanders as they embark on all-new adventures! Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet-Vac and all your favorites are here; ready to battle Kaos and all the various vile villains of the land!

FC • 48 pages
• $4.99

[Image: SKYSPY-FullBlast-CoverA-copy.jpg?auto=fo...1&fit=crop]

  • New format—quarterly schedule, 48 pages!
  • Skylanders Academy season 2 premieres on Netflix this Fall with a third season already approved!
  • Skylanders Imaginators has been dubbed “…without question the best in the series…” by
  • There has never been a better time to be a Skylander fan!

[Image: SKYSPY-FullBlast-CoverSub-JackLawrence-C...5&fit=crop]
Finally a new comic in the way.
It's not new, from the wording it's just a compilation of the minicomics.
I don't recall Eruptor ever getting a micro-comic...
What on Earth are they talking about?

Anyway, I hope these come Down Under... and THIS time I hope I can find them in EB Games!
where did you found this?
I went to a comic book store near my house yesterday and I couldn't find any Skylander stuff.
(04-20-2017, 08:21 AM)rafinovich Wrote: [ -> ]where did you found this?

David Rodriguez posted about it on his Twitter page.
(04-20-2017, 11:08 AM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]David Rodriguez posted about it on his Twitter page.
Hi. Are the comics still doing well these days Tongue.?
Sorry, i have been absent for awile but i just have to say that the name "spyro and friends" is terrible and just shouldent exist. Anyway im happy the comics are back though.
Interesting. I wonder why David Rodriguez called them New(ish). I always preferred the hardback versions of the comics, but I'm still stoked they're finally making more. Though the name is a little lame IMHO.
This doesn't look as bad as the cover originally made it seem! I'm more partial to the hardback graphic novels that come out eventually, but I might just have to break down and buy these quarterlies.
Got the comic digitally, no ending teases or anything.
Glad they're making more. I disagree with them saying Imaginators is the best in the series but that's my opinion Tongue
Wonder why they're saying "There's never been a better time to be a Skylanders fan!"
Second comic issue of the Spyro & Friends Quarterly has been revealed.

Quote:Skylanders: Spyro & Friends Quarterly: Goldslinger
Status: Set for Release in November 22, 2017

When an outlaw band of Dirt Sharks busts up a soda saloon, it's up to Spyro and Trigger Happy to save the town! And the madness continues in Mirror, Mirror Part 2, as Spyro and Kaos discover what the Mirror of Mind Control has done to them!
  • All-new adventures featuring your favorite characters!
  • Skylanders Academy Season 2 premieres on Netflix this fall, with a third season already confirmed!

[Image: SEP170532.jpg]

[Image: SEP170533.jpg]
Seems like they're just compiling the last of the comics together so that they can be ready when they transition over to Sonic.

And that's a scary thought.
Who knows? They tend to group up comics into bundles that are part of a series, like the Champions saga and Return of the Dragon King.
Let's not forget that IDW has a habit of constantly jumping from one series to another with almost no transition or real conclusion. Sonic will probably be their seventh different franchise to work with, and I bet you the same thing will happen in 2020.
Keep in mind, this could be something Activision asked for.
I hope Crash appears in the comics someday
Third quarterly comic bundle, featuring the mini story "Biting Back" is coming out in March:

[Image: SkylandersQuarterly_FB-coverA-copy-659x1000.jpg]

[Image: SkylandersQuarterly_FB-coverB-copy.jpg]
Those covers are pretty cool! I'd love to get some of them if they were compiled in a hardback.
Comic previews of the first Spyro & Friends Hardcover comic is here before release next week:

It also some new comic art:

[Image: yayomg-skylanders-spyro-and-friends-quarterly-2.jpg]
Is the art work of them fighting each other, or working together? It's confusing me with them as senseis. Also, Eruptor's head is mis-colored. It looks like his brain grew even larger then the Grinch's heart. Sorry if that sounds dumb.
It's cut out from something else. Notice Eruptor is missing part of a "hand".
Hardcover?!?!?!? YES!
Comic is out now. It has the stories: Arbor Day, Full Blast, Goldslinger, and Tri, Tri Again. Nothing new hinted at the end.

And I spotted another art piece in it, which is straight from the Tri Tri Again story:

[Image: 59cece9703f5e1f2946be577171810b3.jpg]
Cool! What do you mean by nothing new at the end? Were you expecting something?
Some of us expected a teaser, or something.
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