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Full Version: Your Wishes for Future Seasons (If that even happens)
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Let's just say they greenlit a fourth season... What you want to see? Either Skylanders, have episode ideas, etc. Also be kinda realistic. Like my whole episode idea of Kairi visiting Skylands "a la Crash Landing" doesn't count, since that's not realistic or possible (I'm not kidding you with this, but i'm being realistic that won't ever happen as much I want to, also don't judge me for that).

For me I would love to see Buzz and Mags in the show, and even The Darkness.
I just want them to make Roller Brawl a prominent main character...

Also, they introduce any of the SuperChargers (Skylanders - not vehicles), I'd like to see Spitifre and Stormblade... and since this is a different version to the games, could they possibly be a couple too?
More NPC's! More NPC's! Buzz, Tessa, Mags, the whole shebang.
Also just more character development or even just moments for Kaos and Glum will keep me happy any day.
(Also also...Scratch...pleeeeaaasseeee)
I hope they make another crash episode but with Dr.Neo Cortex making a debut but with lex Lang still voice acting him, I also wish to see more Skylanders in the show cores,giants,etc. If there is one villain that I would really like to see is Spellslamzer I mean the Spell punk even once was the major villain in one of the comics, so maybe?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Definitely more Skylanders. One complaint I always had with the Skylanders series is that in media they usually only focus on the most popular characters (Spyro, Eruptor, etc), even though there are so many more characters that aren't very developed personality-wise because they barely appear in any media.
Since -spoiler-, Cynder and more Hex are covered, probably something about the unused gimmcklanders, like the Giants or Superchargers. Since Academy canon puts the skylanders as a general services team, it'd be fun to see them doing both fighting and solving mundane problems.
I would like to see more Skylanders in the series, including some of the Giants, Swap Force, and SuperChargers. Maybe even a few more of the Villains and NPC's.
More episode numbers in one season. Some Netflix series have more than 12 episodes in one season.
Or alternatively, Crystal, you could put it this way:
"More episodes in a season that are half-baked."

As much as having more episodes would be good, you need to consider the work load on the team. As it stands, they are capable of doing 12 episodes without exhausting themselves or doing a bad job. Increasing that number runs the risk of lower quality episodes...
On the other hand, they can REDUCE the number of episodes and do an even better job for each one. The British, for example, usually only ever do 6 episodes in a season of ANYTHING, and some of their best comedies support this: Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley and so on.
We either be content with the number of episodes as it stands, or we go towards either fewer better quality episodes or more lower quality episodes.
(Quite the double-edge sword, ain't it?)
The issue would also be budget+time. The team seems hardly big save for TeamTO, so it's not like they can do MLP-sized content with full seasons and side episodes; in a year 12 is the best they can do to animate in time, it seems, as they have to get all the scripts and voice acting done first.
True. Recently Eric mentioned that they are just finishing up Season 2. Wonder how much content and time they'll have for Season 3 next year.