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Full Version: First4Figures Releases Collectible Statue Poll for Skylanders Spyro
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First4Figures is a company specialized in making high-end collectible figures from licenses such as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario, Okami, Full Metal Alchemist, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others.

They have just opened a poll for Skylanders fans for vote for a resin collectible (non-playable statue) of Skylanders Spyro!

Despite the large amount of no's, F4F is only focusing the YES VOTES! Even if there are over 500+ no votes, getting the yes votes past 450+ is all that matters!

So, if you have a Facebook account, join the First 4 Figures Official Collector's Club first in order to vote!

Link to the club to request to join:
Link to the poll:

[Image: 9e5a740a2c8fe407b895ae2abd385d21.png]
I voted Yes
I wish I could vote, but I don't have FaceBook. But I would vote yes.
I don't have an FB account, but my mom does, so I asked if I could vote yes via her account and she said yes. SO I HAVE DONE SO, AND STUFF!

rest in pieces, future!wallet
We reached 143 votes, not bad for the first day X3
Just watch that number stagnate...
The haters will simply CRUSH that vote under!

Personally, I'd prefer figures for the Skylanders Academy characters. Particularly of Stealth Elf.
(Though the fact that he used a picture from the show seems kind of... suss.)
Yeah I was kinda upset when I saw that there are more no votes than yes votes. Simply all because of the haters. But it's a good thing F4F will only focus on yes votes, so we still have a chance.
Yes I did but theres so many Nos omg
Why do they have a no option in the first place. It seems just as pointless as a dislike button. if you don't like it just change it to something else.
Yeah what's the point of a "no" option? Only the yes votes count, so that's a plus.
(08-06-2017, 03:34 PM)spyrofreestyle Wrote: [ -> ]Why do they have a no option in the first place. It seems just as pointless as a dislike button. if you don't like it just change it to something else.

Might be Facebook's limitations with a minimum of two options, dunno. They coulf always have 'no' as 'never played skylanders' like another forum does, but people would get salty in the comments more than usual.
Yeah, FB polls can't have just one option. Plus it wouldn't be fair for the community if it was just yes.
Just a quick update: a fan suggested F4F to do the Skylanders Spyro Statue's Exclusive Edition with Legendary colors! One of the admins say they will look into it if enough people voice out.

[Image: f50c4dfac81df88c0714ccb00dfe83a6.png]
That'd be pretty neat, actually.
Yeah, let's have that as a limited option!
Wow, a lot of people in the group like the idea. XD
(08-13-2017, 03:55 PM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, a lot of people in the group like the idea. XD

Seriously? Are you serious?!
According to the positive 24 fan reactions to the idea.
Just a quick update: What pose would be perfect for the Skylanders Spyro statue? I was thinking of a pose from the Netflix show.
I agree it looks cuter
New Facebook feature reveals that the Skylanders Spyro poll has the most viewed in the last 28 days lol

[Image: 7513ff1975d75dcf74d47d58ab64371b.png]
Update on the poll: We've reached 265 yes votes on the poll. 185 yes votes left. Spread the word to your Skylanders-loving friends and collectors who have Facebook and let them know of this poll!
We're past 300 yes votes, and need 141 more!

Instead of the 450 yes votes that we are SO close to reaching, First4Figures decided to change the yes vote goal for the Skylanders Spyro poll and other ongoing game character statue polls from 450 to 700+ yes votes, since their Facebook group got bigger with more members and they have to balance resources.


We have 388 yes votes left, instead of 138.... Yeah.

And chances are that in the future, if we don't reach our new goal of 700+ yes votes, there's a chance F4F will change the yes vote goal of all polls to an even higher number than 700-750. Which they state is just "reality" and "survival of the fittest". Our goal is still the same: the poll is open forever, and the no votes do NOT matter even if it has reached over 1k. Reaching... 700 yes votes or more is our goal.
I hate to say it, but the chances of this succeeding now are incredibly slim.
Yeah, and their responses to this with “its about continuously getting outside support” and “its not about hitting 450 or 700” means little to me. This happening is all just a big whopping middle finger to those who had their hopes up that their goal was so close, including mine. I’ve lost most of my respect for F4F, even if the poll is still open forever.