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Full Version: Skylanders Academy Stealth Elf Concept?
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Does anyone have or know of any concept art of Skylanders Academy Stealth Elf? I'm trying to make my own 3D model of her, and I need a good front and profile view of her. I can't seem to find much besides some screen grabs from the show. Anything would be much appreciated!
Only this concept piece so far of Stealth Elf:

[Image: 1477480979_426097_1477481704_album_normal.jpg]
I was just about to point these out... Thanks for spoiling my fun, Crystal

The only other conceptual source you can get are the W.I.P. animation reels that were found a while back. That is, assuming that they are still around and that you can find them.
They're up in Vimeo, but no idea which video. Iirc they were WIPs of Crash Landing.
Thanks for those images! They'll really help!