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Full Version: Mobile game slated for early 2018
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Com2Us's report for their Q3 2017 reveals the mobile game will be released in early 2018.

[Image: 18ff9a67313c0b1cd8a571a027c5e457.png]

New info below reveals the date has been changed to Q3 2018!
YAY! Finally some game-related news!
Yep, and from the looks of the statement, it will probably be like Summoners War.
Never played Summoners War, but i'm curious about this new game.
Welp, it was moved to Q3 2018 in the summer.

[Image: c1c24b5a62efd9937656d7e74b940d4f.png]
where you find this?
New update:

MK News Wrote:Com2uS will launch its new Skylanders mobile in the summer of 2018 through its conference call for the first quarter of 2018. In addition, global non-disclosure testing will be conducted in 2Q.

"We heard positive feedback from Activision," Com2us said. "We are aiming to launch the summer season, and we will proceed with global CBT in the second quarter as planned."
So we can expect anytime within the next three months, then?

Good. I need something to keep me occupied during the Australian winter.
Seriously, our winter makes England look like a tropical paradise. Cold, wet and miserable.
Please Let this Mobile Game be good!
I was wondering when an official date would come.
I'm really looking forward to see how this turns out.