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Full Version: TRU Black Friday Deal: Buy 1, Get 3 Free Figures
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TRU's Black Friday deals have been revealed.

50% off Skylanders Starter Packs
50% off Skylanders Imaginators Senseis, Adventure Packs and Creation Crystals)
Buy 1 Get 3 Free Skylander Figures (Excludes Imaginators)
black Friday is the worst because the people always push,shove and fight also kill to buy thing that are 50% off to buy thing that they don't need and i hate black Friday
Never really had a bad Black Friday myself(Guess because not many psychos live near my town). Sure usually there are lots of people, but nowadays there's only a few people going out to shop where i live. Guess because of either fear or because there is online shopping (i never trust websites on black Friday because of hackers).
Anyways i really like those sales. But probably wont get anything since my parents despise TRU Lol.