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Full Version: Other Collectible Statue Companies besides First4Figures
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With the high possibility of the First4Figures Skylanders Spyro poll quota not ever being reached, what other collectible statue company do you guys think would be good for Skylander collectors?

I was thinking perhaps Project Triforce; several of their collectible character/item statues are high quality and several of them range from $50-200.
Well, you have to go with the obvious for starters:
Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz.

But also the other non-Skylanders:
Eon, Hugo, Flynn, Cali, Kaos and Glumshanks.

And as a pipe dream... I want me Roller Brawl!
Skylanders Comic!Malefor, make it happen.

As for Skylanders me want to see Snap Shot, Food Fight, Fire Kracken or Gill Grunt (pls don't be mad).
I was talking about a potential company for Skylanders collectible statues like the one I mentioned in my OP, but your ideas for possible character statues are okay here too.. Smile

I still go by the idea of Project Triforce, they can make good Skylander character statues. I like the idea of a Fire Viper statue but it may be a little expensive.
I don't know other companies though. I'm quite iffy who would do such thing, you know how the gaming community is.
Kairi is right. You'd have to make sure the person is really dedicated to the cause, and not everyone is as passionate about Skylanders as we are.

Besides, a team by the name of Project Triforce sounds like they only care about The Legend Of Zelda series.
Come to think of it, Project Triforce sounds more like a fan-made The Legend of Zelda remaster project. Please tell me that that's just a coincidence...
Not exactly, Project Triforce has done other licensed characters, like Sackboys from Little Big Planets,Tetris, Yooka-Laylee, Halo, etc. :3

But you're right, it depends on Activision and the statue company.
That stinks!!!! I wasn't planning on buying one of the figures, but it's ridiculous that they strung everyone along like that. I sadly can't see anyone else doing a collectible statue. =(
They can do statues of the main Team Spyro cast, and if there is enough demand, they can extend to the villains and maybe other characters too.
Added poll to OP!

Just an idea for user input on what kind of Skylanders collectible statue they would want.