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Full Version: Your Collections Thread
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Show off your Skylander collections here! Including your Traps, Battlecast cards, and Creation Crystals. Smile

Here's my current collection of 235 Skylander toys inside my new curio.

[Image: 92265b239028e82688790f72c0cb882f.jpg]

[Image: c37140eba985ea0856ae6921a8a53ac7.jpg]

[Image: b8a766f9514415919c1afd905bc100a3.jpg]

[Image: f7e54c0565e4845e186d07e6404e25ab.jpg]

[Image: ab85409d8e9c0eb970b54b7e63b4ac91.jpg]

[Image: 990c2b8831cd4f41d9fdfbecd6a374d3.jpg]

[Image: 6f9bf715f1e66e234ef65e4496b539aa.jpg]

[Image: 32acd85a75fb110894b472b5e56cb829.jpg]

[Image: 7ebca1aae8c340fadcf682777ccac5b7.jpg]

[Image: dab828a3b7a9f110ac5fa789423993b6.jpg]

[Image: 3cb398f653768eb4574479f8acd070b7.jpg]

[Image: 6171be2fb8739b3dad13af0d01633b1d.jpg]

Here's my Trap collection.

[Image: c1ae27ca2db6572a7b26743280be59bd.jpg]
I'm halfway tempted to say "show-off."
My collection isn't AS big... I only have around 60 figures in total. Still a good number, but nothing compared to your collection.

I have some figures you don't have, but nothing worth bragging about.
Wow! Super impressive CB! You even got the Holiday Storm Blade. How did you get your hands on that? I think I have like 25 Skylanders, and I'm super hesitant to buy any more lol, even though I really want some. XD