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Full Version: Skylanders Sales Thread
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Both in-store and online sales of Skylanders merchandise.

GAME has a big Skylanders sale, they lowered their prices by 60% -

Toys R US's Skylanders Krankcase Lair toy set has been greatly reduced to from $59.98 to $9.98 -
I heard that TRU is also having a sale on Skylanders, correct?
TRU is! I got Night Fall, Freeze Blade and the Gill Grunt SuperCharger pack for $1.08 each.
Wow! Now that's a steal!
I was super psyched for it! I wasn't planning on buying any more skylanders till game 7 (when ever that is lol), but it was too cheap to skip. On a side note, they were also selling the Xbox Infinity starter packs for $1.35.