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Full Version: Incoming Skylanders Academy Burger King Toys?
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mikenacharge spotted an upcoming promotion at his Burger King on Skylanders Academy toys.

A youtuber by the name of Jap 28 posted a video of one of the toys. It's supposed to be Stealth Elf in some sort of spin kick attack. HE also discovers there's only four for Academy while the other four take up the Mysticons thing. So they might not have a Bad Breath toy which sucks.
Aww man, I got pretty excited for our lord and savior finally getting a figure.
-pats Graupel's shoulder-
I found this on the BK Canedian? Website. It's .ca so it must be.

[Image: 02462-19_FreshOffers_Desktop_1000x550_EN_CR_0.jpg]

Welp time to expand my Fast Food Toy collection since we diden't get any Imaginators toys last year although but I hope they're better in quality, the McDonalds ones are so underwelming.

Although I think we could get Spyro, Eruptor, Kaos and maybe Stealth Elf it's just a wild guess. Although I'm still not over the fact that Skylanders is still seen like a "for Boys" thing, there's a female playerbase as well. Still hoping to collect these if Burger King toys we're so hard to find.
I don't get Burger King where I live. In South Australia, we have Hungry Jacks instead.
I think there are some states in Australia that have Burger King's, though. I'm not sure. I've grown up knowing Macca's (MacDonald's) and Hungry Jack's as the two primary fast-food outlets my whole life, so what do I know?

Even so, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting these any time soon... Besides, I barely visit fast-food outlets these days.
They're here~

[Image: fdeb6d5fc0f029b0d6d976839338c5a1.jpg]
Here we have yet another Spyro toy that does the exact same thing as the rest.

edit: wait, there was only one Spyro toy. I'm mistaking him for the regular merch.
Close enough with Spyro.

But I would still like a different Gimmick for him. It's the same thing as his McDonalds Counterpart.