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Full Version: 7th reveal anniversary of Skylanders
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Time sure flies doesn’t it? 7 years of Skylanders, all started on this day when it was first revealed at Toy Fair 2011. Smile

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Yeah. I completely remembered I've introduced myself into Spyro's Adventure and I said to myself "A game where you can use your toys as characters in the game? Hey, This is new, I wanna get it" and after a few months til christmas, I've played it and it was awesome. Even though the game have a lot of hate surrounding the character named "Spyro", I was always never mind about the design of Spyro since I was more focused about what will the game have. Instead of disappointment, this game has a World Building setting, a Patrick Warburton furry pilot, and chance to play Spyro again after my firstly played Spyro the Dragon back in my youth, a awesome villain voiced by Richard FREAKING! Horvitz and a new way to play the game even though there's another game that already did it but I've enjoyed it.
it sure has. heck, I remember watching Irate gamer and Wiiviwer's reviews on the game and said it was a buy.
I actually started wit the 3DS version and founded it completely different then what I heard, but still enjoyed it. then later, I've picked up the console version for the playstation 3. then whenever I was bike riding, I often check out Skylanders stuff at GameStop and walmart for Skylanders.
7 years already?!?!? Wow! I don't remember the reveal exactly when it hit, but I remember finding out about it a few month's later. I was in New Mexico for my birthday at my family's house that didn't have internet, so I had to go to my aunt's house to look up videos of the game. And I still remember asking my mom to get Spyro's Adventure for my birthday at Costco. That was SO awesome, and I'm so thankful for Skylanders being with me over the years.
how to dedicate the spyro's 20th anniversary?
(02-12-2018, 08:53 AM)stevenvasgreek Wrote: [ -> ]how to dedicate the spyro's 20th anniversary?

Obviously a Spyro Remastered Trilogy cause it looks like it's right up Activision's alley since Crash's Trilogy Sales are rising greatly. The main problem is how they're gonna do it. When they using the Skylanders version of Spyro, the old fans of Spyro are going to have their knickers twisted since the design is the only reason they hate the franchise in general. Using the old "remastered" appearance of Spyro can turned off many Skylanders fans (especially the kids who was familiar to it) but I don't think they mind it. Maybe they can make fans use both his old and new incarnations the same way as Mario Odyssey give you the choice of Mario's 64 style. Crash Bandicoot does have some differences between his remastered and his Skylander version and it worked out well so I think they can redesign Spyro to make it both look like his old and Skylanders self and besides, they tried SO HARD to not messed Crash up. The main question that was above my head right now is which trilogy should they remake? the Original Insomniac Trilogy or the Legend of Spyro Trilogy (New Beginnings, The Eternal Night & Dawn of the Dragons)
thank you so much for your info DashTwisterstorm
(02-12-2018, 01:19 PM)stevenvasgreek Wrote: [ -> ]thank you so much for your info DashTwisterstorm

No problem. It's just off topic but I will say right now that even though the 5th and 6th years of Skylanders is kind of bumpy with terrible sales and receptions, the 1st through 4th are just the gold mine of unforgettable memories that makes me glad that I play through the franchise.
Oh great, now people here are believing a Spyro remaster will happen...

I currently feel like that kid who's friends all believe in aliens, and is constantly telling them they don't exist. I'm going to look pretty stupid when it arrives...

The remaster; not the aliens.
(02-12-2018, 06:23 PM)The Primordial Clok-Roo Wrote: [ -> ]Oh great, now people here are believing a Spyro remaster will happen...

Well maybe a Remaster might not happen and they could make a full fledged Spyro game since they can't decide which trilogy they would remaster on. Then again, it will happen because of sales of the remasters and Crash isn't the first to open the doors for Retro Remasters.
Mate, the classic trilogy is the ONLY one they would ever CONSIDER remastering! I mean, yeah, there are fans of the The Legend of... trilogy, but they're popularity pales by comparison.
Mind you, the first game failed miserably in Japan - all because of some awful localisation changes - and the series fell off post PS1 era thanks to a game we do not speak of.
Maybe a re-imaging/re-telling i.e. Ratchet and Clank?
Did you mean Enter the Dragonfly? Wink
In any case I'm pretty sure they would go for a remaster of the original trilogy, which would launch next year. It matches the release patterns of Crash completely. More so if they decide to throw in classic Spyro into Skylanders, just in case the canon wasn't already confusing.
I understand about the great chance of bringing a remastered original trilogy but I might think otherwise. If the original trilogy is the trilogy they will make, it would mean they should use assets from Sky-Spyro and you know how antsy they will get so maybe if they're going for a Sky-Spyro in the original trilogy remaster, maybe they will add in Old Spyro's design as a costume for Spyro like Super Mario Odyssey did.