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Full Version: Spyro Reignited Trilogy
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So a user, Laura Kate Dale, who is known for posting leaks that sometimes turn out accurate has just revealed today that Activision will announce Spyro trilogy HD remaster next month, with Vicarious Visions developing the games and set to be released in Q3 2018.

Social media is buzzing and even trending on the Spyro remaster subject. We'll find out in March or later.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy

A Spyro HD Remaster? Announcing Next Month? Set to be released during Autumn 2018? ALREADY!?! well swallow my opinions about that and vomit it up again,  it's happening. I don't care it's release in 2019 instead of suppose 2018, THEY MUST RELEASE THE PURPLE MYTHICAL DRAGON! But if I may frank that VV is making it besides Toys for Bob so does that mean we're getting Skylanders 7 as well. If so, we have to expect Malefor to be in it. But the question still stands, What trilogy should they remake. Sure original will be a precise answer but I would be surprised that they will do The Legend of Spyro one instead. Besides that, I don't care which one's getting a remaster either way. Let the rumors be true!.

Edit: I only realise their doing a original trilogy while reading up their Kotaku news. My mistakes Smile
Activision has acquired and protected a Spyro twitter account:
SWSX hype is starting to look like reality. Real nice that the twitter account is Spyrothedragon and not just Spyro, too.
I dunno...
Something seems... off.

I'm not sure why, but something just doesn't seem right...
It does not act it will happen but it sure looks like it. Even though I only played the first game, I'm already pump up for the announcement of Spyro. It's inevitable it will rear his Orginal head somewhere.
Spyro demo source code confirmed in Crash N. Sane Trilogy:
Let the beginning, begin.
If it's from BetaM, it's likely to be true...
That said, I've found him a bit untrustworthy since he accused Vicarious Visions for doing a bad job of the N. Sane Trilogy.

Those who saw his Day 1 glitches video knows what I mean.

Also, don't forget, this could simply be about the Easter Egg on the main menu. It could just be a literal code name in place as a reminder if the original games input function.
That said, if a patch comes to the N. Sane Trilogy... well, then it confirms it.

I'm still not buying this, though.
I won't believe it until I see it...
Well March is here so maybe a trailer that came the heck out of nowhere will let us know if the game actually exist. Twitter Account, it could be a change to something else. Coding in game, it might be just a easter egg and nothing more. Announcements from Laura Kate Dale, She might be responsible for the development of the game but then again, it might be something else. I'm not saying the game will not exist so expected after the event of N Sane Trilogy but it is certain that the game will more likely receive mostly average reviews because of Spyro Fans might see a design from Skylanders in the remake of the original remastered.
What would be funny is if they used lots of Skylander assets in the remasters...

Though mind you, I think having Flynn replace all of the balloonists at once would be cool - even though I hate him.
I can already imagine his opening line:
"I'm Flynn, the best and most awesomest pilot in all of Sky- uh, I mean, the Dragon Realms!"

Sometimes you have to take these liberties.
(Face it - can you name all 6 balloonists in the original game WITHOUT looking it up?)
I'd side with the classic fans if they put Flynn in. He's unnecessary enough in Skylanders.
Be that as it may, wouldn't it be more conventional to just replace all the balloonists in Spyro 1 with just the one?
I mean, what was the point of having 6 different ones to begin with?
The games are full of identical characters with different names, it's a way to populate the place.
Found this.
(Ignore the last 8 seconds.)

I'm suss over this. Sure, the writing is 'on the wall,' but something feels wrong...
What do you guys think?
The announcement is, allegedly, going to be announced at 1PM PST.
Name is Spyro the Dragon Treasure Trilogy.

I'll be asleep during this period...
I'll see you all tomorrow morning, where I either awaken to an announcement that will make me even sicker of the classic-Spyro fanbase, or laughing my butt off at how they got played like a fiddle.
So it turns out to be false.
I hate to say this kind of stuff, but hearing that just inflated me ego!
Unfortunately, the month of March is far from over - there are still two weeks left.
Spyro fans are clinging to the hope that there may still be an announcement...

Though I'd love it come on April Fools Day!
I'll be absent during that period, but I'll be laughing 'til the end of time of that happened!
Oh, the tears of salt that would be spilling from the eyes of retro-Spyro fans would be priceless!
I was literally all night on that day playing Dark Souls waiting for Spyro the Dragon remastered announcement so I know how that rumor being false feels which is ironic since Dark Souls going to have it's remastered and also releasing as a port on the switch.
You know what would have been ironic?
If when the Trilogy had been released - assuming it existed - it was found to be much harder than the PS1 classics, and was all of a sudden compared to Dark Souls-

Oh wait, that already happened.
(I don't get why everyone was comparing every game released in 2017 to Dark Souls...)
Well, Spyro wasn’t that hard to begin with. Sure they can add the difficulty to the game somewhere to but it’s not going to be compared to Dark Souls anytime soon. Besides, I would have donate 90,000 Souls with 10 humanity to the hardest boss of the game every time I heard that joke in ten games or more. I just lost it that way TWICE, cried over the first time I lost and I’m completely over it. Crash Bandicoot and CupHead is easy as MARIO compared to it.
Unusual choice of words, freestyle.
Can you use words others might understand, please?
(I.e. I haven't got a clue what you mean.)
Spyro remasters confirmed also by Target?
That doesn't make any sense!
Target has minimal affiliation with gaming companies outside of providing their stock (at least in Australia).

This seems even shadier than the previous "reveal" leek.
I'm still not believing until I see it!
And April 1st is not that far away, now... could be the only April Fool's Day I'll be looking forward to.
(The look on their faces... it'll be priceless!)
So the Kotaku leaker reveals that Spyro will look like his Classic design for the remasters and she’s already seen what the games are like:
There really is somethings suss going on here...
This is so far appearing to be a set-up for a huge April Fool's prank.
They said the announcement would be in March... there's only one week left in March.

I'm almost certainly convinced that we are being lied and strung along for a massive leg pull.
There CANNOT be any game!
In other news, Classic Spyro will be in ScrewAttack's Death Battle against Crash Bandicoot. They'll be merging all three Spyro traits from Legend of Spyro and Skylanders into Classic Spyro in this fight. They borrowed fan models for Spyro and Crash.

[Image: DY_uuuqV4AAWApD.jpg:large]

[Image: DY_oqMJU0AAwMFG.jpg:large]
I already heard about this, but now that I've learnt that Screw Ups- erm, Screw Attack are using all 3 versions of Spyro, I hardly call this fair!

That's like using all the different Mega Man created and versing them against Astro Boy!

That said, Screw Attack will give the win to Crash because he has in Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant shown that he can take control of mutants...
Yeah, I don't think this is going to be as epic as it sounds.
Activision will being doing weekly livestreams on Twitch and their twitch channel will be used to host news announcements as well. The company also confirmed that the developers of the games they play will also make appearances from time to time, although the full streaming schedule has yet to be determined.

In the livestream today, they mentioned next week's announcement won't be Call of Duty.
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