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Full Version: Super smash brothers Ultimate!
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I've decided to give Super smash brothers it's own thread...

Ridley is too big...

Ok not anymore.
Looks like all those jokes and requests finally got to Sakurai.
Next time you're explaining why a character isn't playable, maybe try something other than "He's too big."
Yet we still need to wait for Waluigi.
I wonder if we should call him Ridley Jr. since he's smaller then the original Ridley
I can't wait to get this game for Christmas!

August's Nintendo Direct on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -

I don't think it's a far cry to say that the universal reaction to King K. Rool was... something else.
I'm pretty sure that Sakurai has given us enough surprises, though. He caved in to demand for Ridley; he caved in to demand for K. Rool. It's unlikely he will cave in to demand for Waluigi, and as much as I want to see him in there, it's even MORE unlikely he'll cave in to Crash Bandicoot (besides of which, his demand is only very recent... and nowhere near as meme-worthy).
Just one more month and Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be released in stores,I have to wait until Christmas Day to get my copy of the game,But I'm sure this wait will be worth it.Are you excited for the game? What character are you excited to play as?What character do you think will appear in the game?(For me its Geno from Super Mario RPG)
Why does EVERYONE request Geno?
This has gone beyond being a request and has become a meme. This is more ridiculous than that that stupid "Half-Life 3 Confirmed" meme that got old FAST!

Geno is about as likely to appear as a Spyro the Dragon character - incredibly unlikely.
And if he does, he's more than likely to be an assist trophy. Ashley's one; Waluigi's one; Bomberman's one - just be lucky we got Ridley as a fighter.
Besides, Nintendo doesn't seem to want to acknowledge Super Mario RPG's existence these days. There's probably a reason... not that I would know why.
Two words: Square Enix.

Super Mario RPG was a collab with Square Enix, when they're still Squaresoft, a lot want Geno since he has become a fan favorite over the years besides King K. Rool was a Mii Costume then became an actual fighter, so why not Geno as well? Also they're like that same people who want Sora for Smash, remember the #sora4smash thing?
Thing is, Square Enix are not the ones making Smash Bros. - that, and they're probably too busy finishing Kingdom Hearts III and preparing for full development on the Final Fantasy VII remake to take much notice right now.

As for the #sora4smash thing... I never even noticed it. All I remember is people requesting him for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale... *shudders* that was a bad time!
And even then, it doesn't make much sense for him to be in Smash.
Now, I am NOT discrediting the possibility and saying that anyone who thinks he should be in is wrong/stupid. I'm laying out the facts that hinder his chances of getting in.
And those reasons are:

If Sora somehow gets in... well, it'll be a good 2 months for Kingdom Hearts fans.
No Square Enix isn't the developer of Smash but they do have the rights to Geno.

Also Sora for Smash blame HMK he was the one who started the campaign I think.
I think I've heard of him...
Off topic point, but I wanted to say it:

Oh, I'm sorry, did I go on a tangent there?
Sorry about that...

Look, I think if Geno IS going to appear, he will be as an assist trophy.
Oh, and Shantae is even less likely to appear. I mean, how many Indie characters are there in Smash Bros. to begin with?
*looks at roster*
Ah yes... none.
Final Smash Bros Direct on Thursday.
Oh Boy I can't wait!

The Final Characters are going to be revealed?
New Nintendo Direct today, contains spoilers:


The Story Mode looks Amazing,The Spririts Mode sounds like fun,And Ken and Inceniroar are the game,I really can't wait to get this game now!

I laughed when I saw the Pirannha Plant,Also Geno Might appear in DLC,Who Knows?
(11-01-2018, 02:48 PM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: [ -> ]Mmm...


I doubt Crash Bandicoot will be in Smash Bros,It will most likely will be Banjo Kazooie
He arrives!

I got Joker last night,And He's Awesome!
Tried him out yesterday’s. Pretty cool. Completed his Classic Mode too.
Banjo-Kazooie is in. I repeat! BANJO-KAZOOIE IS IN!

Oh yea. There’s also the Dragon Quest Hero.