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Full Version: Season 3 Trailer of Skylanders Academy
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The trailer for Skylanders Academy Season 3 is here! This new season will released on Netflix September 28th next Friday!

Quote:All is not right at Skylanders Academy. After being turned evil at the hands of uber-villain STRYKORE, Spyro returns as an undercover agent, set on finding an ancient artifact hidden at the Academy that will help his new dark master take over the Skylands! With Kaos out on his own quest to spread evil as a dastardly pirate captain, it will take all of the Skylanders uniting together -- along with some new characters and alliances -- to help Spyro remember the true hero he really is if they have any hope of stopping Strykore and restoring peace to the realm.

at last i saw it the trailer where i was waiting and it was crazy awesome. the kaos it is the jack sparrow for laughs.
So then...
Very nice! Glad to see they're using more effects just from these clips as well.
My brain can't handle it!!!

I do have to wonder if...
They also just updated the website!

My reactions in this video below...
I'm... speechless.

WARNING: Contains course language.:
Ok i'm freaking out. First the KH3 TGS Trailer and now this.
Long time no see, Sky!
And yeah, I'm hyped right now.
Just a joke with spoiler character.

oooooooooooooooooo I'm so glad they finally got Flynn on ;u; still hopin on Krankcase

Everything else has me puuuuuuumped ;u; Excited for some dark spyro muwahahhahahaa! >:3
(09-19-2018, 05:49 PM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: [ -> ]Just a joke with spoiler character.


You took that from me.
Not that I have a problem with it, because it is pretty true. Smile