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Full Version: Pokemon Thread
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A thread for Pokemon games, including the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

[Image: Poke%CC%81mon-Sun-and-Moon-1-1280x1171.jpg][Image: Lunaala.png]

I saw the trailer and as always people complaining over the starters.
There will always been those who complain, Kairi. We all have different opinions.
Owl is best starter, hands down.
I'm going to wait and see what the starter's strengths and weakness first.
Well, considering they never change regular abilities, Rowlett is going to have the same weaknesses as Jumpluff(4x weakness to ice owww), and the rest will follow suit. Evolution are a whole another deal,but if Bulbasaur stayed Grass/Poison I don't think Rowlett is going to change typing.
I'm more interested to know what the legendaries are. And if anyone has a word or 2 to say in PokeMon speculation, it is my favourite PokeTuber: TyranitarTube. Great guy and he goes above and beyond when speculating.
I'm so conflicted, but I am almost possitive i'll be starting with Rowlet. So much hype, can't wait to see what the exsclusives will be so I can pick a version. I have a friend who always picks the other version I do.
People should give Popplio a chance.

It's just shows how toxic the Pokémon community is.
I dunno I have seen plenty of support all the way around.
Lies. People are being nitpicky with the starters.
Do you want me to bring all the overwhelming proof it's not a lie and you're super wrong? I can just open up any image gallery.
Go on Youtube and you will see how many videos are Anti-Popplio go at any Pokémon Forum, go to Tumblr, whatever and social media out there, Fan Art is different and people just the pokémon because they had to.
Again, you are browsing for negativity, Kairi. And you know well that it fuels up your behavior.

Everyone has opinions, not everyone will be pleased. I thought we moved on from that.
I'm actually pretty active on and I have to say the response to Popplio isn't as bad as say Chespin was after people saw his second evolutuion. Popplio just isn't the most popular, it can be difficult to turn clowns into a design that people can either take seriously or aren't afraid of.
I'm actually not that interested in any of the starters at this point. Usually there is one that gets my attention off the bat - I.e. Snivy for Unova and Fenekin for Kalos - but these ones just... don't resonate with me.
Hopefully their evolutions are more interesting, otherwise I'll probably just box them and rustle up my usual bunch:
Lucian the Lucario, Zarah the Zoroark, Grace the Gardevoir, Garde the Gallade, Margaret the Scyther, and Sandvich the Sandslash. That my PokeMon family, mates!
There's also Aphrodite the Sneasel, Venus the Gligar and Io the Mawile... But I don't really use them much (because I care for them).
More typing details on the Legendaries~ 

And Rotom pokedex - 

I actually confused and Suprised with Solgaleo's type. Psychic/Steel? Well at least it's not fire type like many expected. I do have a theory about there typing but it's just plain dumb.
I love Lunala, and its reference to Peka-Nui I hope!

Still super jazzed about the Polynesian inspired region, can't wait to see more new Pokemon species!
I just went to the PokéMon Database to get further information... and I got to tell you, I'm a little confused about the legendaries.
I'm not complaining about the typing, but their abilities and signature moves are kind of weird. Solgaleo basically has Clear Body and Lunala has Multiscale pretty much; and both of their signature moves are just move versions of Mold Breaker - an ability that is already difficult to execute.

We'll just have to wait until more stuff gets announced. I'm really looking forward to Sun and Moon's release!
And so there's a "supposed leak" of the Final Evolutions of the Starters and people yet even complain that there's going to be another Fire/Fighting, It might be fake whatsoever.

Really there's nothing wrong with Fire/Fighting Starters. It does truely shows how the fandom is bad and toxic.
You mean this "leak"?

[Image: image.jpeg]
Yes. How we can know it's real or not? Ok i'm have been a little with Pokémon Fanbase a little too harsh with them Sigh... i just feel i can't be a Pokémon Fan anymore.
It's OK, Kairi. I understand that you cannot put up with the PokéMon fanbase, it's most likely how most of here feel really around the Spyro fanbase - and more so for me, the Crash Bandicoot fanbase.
You know what I think you should do? Ignore them. Just block out the fanbase and continue on like normal. Much of the fanbase already does that because of Genwunner's, but now that everyone is becoming sensitive over the slightest of things, it's best to just block it all out.

The fanbase is just upset that there is ANOTHER Fire/Fighting type that is inferior to Blaziken. I'm with you saying "so what?" But I just ignore it all and not let it bother me. And if it bothers you, you should do the same. Smile
Sigh i don't even know this is a real thing, but still there's so many pokémon "leaks" out there.
It's always around this time of year that we get them, particularly when a new generation is announced. We just have to put up with it and move on.
With today's technology, creating a fake Coro Coro leak (or any other) is easier than ever. There was one a few months back which looked convincing... baring the fact that the timing of the "leak" was completely out!

Don't hang your head over this, Kairi. Stay hyped for the game and not let these get in your way.
It's like playing Sonic '06 - you don't play it for the game, but for simply having stupid fun mucking around with the glitches. Likewise, you only read these "leaks" for the sake of seeing what someone has made and not to find information.
I have been too negative with Pokémon lately both fandom and game, but you're right Clok-Roo...

Anyway, we could expect Pokémon Sun/Moon at E3.
Glad I could help, Kairi...

And yes, I hope they have good information coming up at E3 too! But knowing Nintendo, we'd be lucky to get any info at all! They're more likely to show off the upcoming NX system.
We'll probably get glimpses of new PokéMon, moves and maybe some more locations, but nothing majorly important; they'll keep that hidden until release day.
Two new Pokémon revealed in CoroCoro... There Japanese names are Nekkoala (The Koala) and Iwanko (The Canine, i don't know if it's a dog or not).

I want the dog in my party.

[Image: 13432429_1033323163420637_31946473902376...e=57C87CD6]
That canine was the one we got a glimpse of in the original reveal trailer. I recognise that tail!
Seeing these PokéMon, it makes me wonder if they're going to be adding in more Australian animals... Which doesn't make sense, since the game is based on Hawaii.
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