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Full Version: Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled
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Rumours are circling that a Crash Team Racing remake be announced at this years Game Awards on December 6.

My reaction:

I've got more TF2 quotes where that came from!

Video of my full thoughts to come soon.
I Have pre-order it in oxide edition and will wait in 21 june with happiness

here the link:
After constant pestering from the fans...
We have gameplay!
Unfortunately, we don't see anything new aside from the aesthetic.
Still not enough for me.

That's will be sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys can't see in this video, but each character has a unique animation for when they win AND lose a race, along with all new lines that weren't in the original game.
I might do a compilation of all that we've seen so far...
O... K...

Ripper Roo's announcement trailer just dropped and... well, there's somethings worth discussing about this one.
I'll leave it up to the you, though.
Ripper Roo is one of my favorite Crash Characters
Me too and theCrash Racing will Be so extra awesome with alive graphics
He's been revealed... Nitros Oxide!
And he seems to have divided the community with his... voice (?). What do you guys think?
Another trailer~

All I have to say it this:

I'm in.
Fake Crash and Crunch Bandicoot confirmed, yes on April Fools Day of all days:

Figured I might as well come back a day earlier this year...

Yeah, they said that all CNK characters will be returning.
But hopefully that is limited to Crunch, N. Trance and Velo. Zam, Zem and the boss characters are kind-a pointless.
Fake Crash trailer:

Electrons Skins trailer:

Imagine if they also added neutron and electron versions.
I know it's based on a track, but I thought that would be funny to do.
I love the podium animations for these!
Content for the Nitros Oxide Edition of the game has been revealed...
As well as three brand new characters that can be unlocked in the game!

But who cares about three when only one of them matters: Crunch Bandicoot!
New customization trailer -

The Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled became ever more better with awesome result.
What's that sound...?
Oh yeah, that's Mario Kart 8 Deluxe quivering in its boots over how much customization is available in this game.

Wait, hang on, I think I can hear something else...?
Nope. Nevermind.
Team Sonic Racing stopped breathing.

I'll just be glad that they are fixing how Wumpa Coins are distributed.
Right now, the grind is far too slow.
Upcoming Grand Prix this Thursday:

[Image: D-ZbzKvUIAE30SE?format=jpg&name=large]
You can expect me to be going for that top 5%...

Reckon I'm in with a shot.
My current online record is N. Sane!

Who's man enough to race me?!
*sees a female player*
Or woman enough; that counts as well.
The first Grand Prix is now out!
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