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Full Version: Skylanders: Ring of Heroes to be released in NZ, AUS and CAN this week!
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Com2Us has announced the release dates for Skylanders: Ring of Heroes for Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and they'll be released in those regions this week. No word yet on the release date for the other regions.

Australia: Dec. 13th 12pm (GMT+11)
Canada: Dec. 12th 8pm (GMT-5)
New Zealand: Dec. 13th 2pm (GMT+13)

[Image: 47792555_2293021420931023_65844035902725...e=5C96B58C]

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[Image: 9bc5cbbc1f3dbdbee7a7215780a76e18.jpg]
Finally! I have been waiting...
I'll give you guys my full thoughts once I've played it... and sunk some time into it.
Something tells me this game will require a LOT of investment.
Do tell Roo! I can't wait for the US launch. Hopefully it comes out before Christmas.
You're a day early for that, mate.
It's only the December 12 at the moment.
It's out now for Canada~.

[Image: c7b7edab8f9761588e80117ac93985e8.jpg]
I've started playing it...
Feels really good to play, actually. It feels like a faster-paced version of Battlecast. There's a lot of depth to it, as well. This is a game that will take a LOT of time to beat.
Oh that's a glorious picture!!!! I'm glad you're liking it Roo. I can't wait for the American release.
Hey, thought I might let you guys know somethings about the game...
It seems like the game borrows a LOT of lore from a lot of previously overlooked sources. Quite a lot of story elements that are explained originate from the books; they even directly refer to the characters Wizbit and Nefarion BY NAME!
And they also make mention of the Mask of Power (at one point erroneously referring to it as the Mast of Power).

Also, be careful about fighting in the Arena... some opponents have force-fed their Skylanders mega powerful runes and are hard to beat early on.
In fact, upgrading runes is not only necessary to becoming stronger... it's also expensive. I wasted close to 40000 gold trying to get ONE level on a single rune!
Lastly, different levels give different runes. You'll want to grind several times on several levels to get the assortment you want for your Skylander.