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Full Version: Ring of Heroes Micro-Transactions
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I have finally been able to get into Ring of Heroes now that I'm on spring break. It's fantastic, and I'm so pleased with the way Com2uS treated Skylanders. One thing that boggles my mind though is the micro-transactions. I saw a lot of the items cost around the order of $30, $50 and $100. I don't really play any mobile games (let alone buy anything in them) so I'm a little unaccustomed to this. Is this normal? Have you bought anything? Do you think the game is making any money? I do plan on spending a bit on the game since I'm truly enjoying it, but I'm just confused at the prices!
Yes, it’s normal for mobile games to have micro transactions with prices like that. It’s usually how they get money.
I find it absurd that they can charge that much in mobile games, honestly.
I know they say it's the best value, but who's going to be stupid enough to shell out THAT much for stuff that doesn't get you anywhere?
Those are exactly my thoughts Roo. I was shocked to see a $100 price tag on something. I wouldn't even unlock the entire game for that kinda cash. Maybe it's because I grew up largely before mobile games really got big, but micro-transactions are still a little unpalatable for me. I hope some people are buying, but I think I'll limit myself to spending around $5 on the game.
You can get soul stones for Skylanders through other means in the game other than the Spring of Souls, promotions, and microtransactions.
It's quite common in mobile games, and yes there are people who buy that. Most (not all) mobile game devs and publishers feed off those users. It's a small percentage, but they'll be responsible for the majority of the income. Patience is a virtue for mobile games. If you're willing to wait, you'll get most of the things you want eventually, though it may takes days, weeks, or even months. Always be wary of how much you're spending, especially if you're not familiar with the practice. Save your in-game currency for special events or when things you want come out and never buy/speed-up something just because you don't want to wait.
I rarely if ever use micro-transactions, except for the small ones in times where I absolutely NEED a small boost.
Mind you, with some games, in certain scenarios, you're practically under a time crunch if you don't make use of micro-transactions. And those published by EA (no surprise) are the biggest offender's.

You'd think they'd tone done on the micro-transactions given how much gamers hate them... but no.
Here in nz I see the highest priced pack at $169. nearly $200 NZ when converted to US
Only bought the newcomer pack just to get light flashwing.
Its strange how a month since the release, people have already maxed out a few skylanders with awaken/6-star runes, but no surprising when they have alot of free time.
Right now all I ever seem to focus on is saving up soul stones just to get an awaken Cynder.