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Full Version: 4th Revamp Roadmap Notice - Upgrade
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Talk on upgrades!

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters!

This time we’ll look into the Skylanders Upgrade Systems as mentioned before. The upgrade system is being revamped so that Portal Masters feel excitement when upgrading Skylanders and enjoy the new upgrade elements.

Please read below for more information regarding the revamped upgrade system.

(* Please note that the details below are still in development and are subject to change.)

1. Evolution Revamped

The Evolution System, which used Skylander Soul Stones as material, will be renewed. As the Soul Stone system will be removed from the game, a new special item called the Evolution Splendor will be used to Evolve Skylanders instead of Soul Stones.

No more unnecessary components that complicated the Evolution process. Simply acquire Evolution Splendor from in-game content and easily evolve Skylanders.

The Power-up System will be removed from the game, and Portal Masters will be able to Evolve a Skylander when it reaches the MAX level of its current Star rating. There will still be different rarity among Skylanders but all of them will be summoned as 1★.

[Image] Evolution Revamp Summary

[Image: en1_1600855470.jpg]

Skylanders’ MAX level will increase as they are evolved to higher ★ grades. An additional equipment slot will unlock when reaching MAX Evolution.

Please note that Skylander stats do not increase when evolving them.

2. Awakening Revamped

Due to the removal of Skylander Soul Stones, Portal Masters will have to use another exclusive item called the Awakening Stone to Awaken Skylanders.

Element Ores which were used for Awakening material will be removed and the Awakening effect will also be changed.

The Awakening System, which used to require 300 Skylander Soul Stones to Awaken Skylanders, has been revamped and now Portal Masters will be able to acquire Awakening Stones from in-game content to Awaken Skylanders.

[Image] Awakening Revamp Summary

[Image: en2_1600855489.jpg]

When Awakening Skylanders, depending on the Awakening Level, it will either increase Endurance or enhance skills. The Appearance of the Skylander will also change like the current system when they reach the MAX Awakening level.

Up to 3 skills will be powered-up depending on the Awakening Level, which will make Portal Masters feel the growth of the Skylander.

3. New Superboost System

[Image: revised_en3_1600862067.jpg]

Superboost will activate automatically when Portal Masters summon a duplicate Skylander or when using a special item called the Superboost Key. Superboost Keys can be acquired from in-game content and when used, a Skylander’s basic stats will be increased greatly. Additional equipment slots will be unlocked when reaching a designated Superboost level. Portal Masters will be able to level up all skills to MAX level when reaching the final Superboost level.

When summoning a duplicate Skylander that has already reached the final Superboost level, it will be transformed into a special item called Imaginite instead.

Imaginite is a very special item which is being prepared to be used for various purposes in the game.

4. New Transcendence System

[Image: revised_en4_1600862078.jpg]

With the Transcendence System, Portal Masters will be able to upgrade special stats such as crit rate, evasion rate, or other stats based on the traits of the Skylander.

Imaginite is required to Transcend Skylanders.

Imaginite is not easily acquired, making Skylanders very powerful when reaching the final Transcendence level.

5. Rune System Revamped

[Image: en5_1600855517.jpg]

Runes will be removed from the game and a new equipment system, Ethers, will be added. The biggest trait of Ethers is that its appearance will change to become an exclusive equipment that suits the Skylander’s appearance when equipped. When Portal Masters acquire Ether, it will be acquired in its natural form, but when it’s equipped on the Skylander, it’ll be bound on the Skylander as an exclusive equipment. Please note that Portal Masters will have to use a special item to remove the bound Ether.

[Image: en6_1600855531.jpg]

With the new Ether System, Portal Masters will be able to acquire equipment with ease and upgrade Skylanders even faster. The Rune Dungeon has been improved to be more intuitive, and equipment set effects have also been separated. Portal Masters will be able to get the Ethers of their choice from the dungeon and grant the set effect of their choice on the Ether.

Ether set effects can be granted by using a special item called the Enchant Scroll. Previously, Rune set effects increased stats such as ATK and HP, but Ether’s set effects will grant special abilities that can help turn the tides in battles.

(For example, there’s a set effect that recovers Mana in battle with a fixed chance.)

Development is underway to make Enchant Scrolls available from special dungeons. More information on the dungeons will be shared via a separate notice in the near future.

6. Others

There are also some parts that will remain from the previous game system. Skylander EXP will be acquired from Adventures and Red Potions, and skills will be leveled up using Skill Power-up Stones.

Portal Master upgrade elements will be added separately to provide another fun element of the game as mentioned in the previous notice, so please make sure to check it out when the game is released.

This is all we have for today. As you can see, a lot of changes have been made to the upgrade system. Please stay tuned to check out the revamped upgrade system yourself!

Keep an eye out for our next revamp notice, [5th Revamp Roadmap Notice - Contents].

These look like MUCH better improvements!
Ether seems like a much better system than the runes, which I find really fiddly and tedious to work with.
They're adding Imaginite in the game too as part of the Superboost mechanic.