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  Skylanders: Ring of Heroes 2.0 Reboot Release Day
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 12-03-2020, 12:47 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

The Skylanders Ring of Heroes 2.0 reboot will be released today at 12am PST. This revamp will have many changes that is different from the previous version of the game that will be more welcoming to players.

Quote:1. Battle System

- The first turn will be given according to each team’s battle power when the battle begins, and the team will share common Mana to use Skylander skills.
- The turn will end when you use up all Mana or when you end the turn voluntarily.
- 4 Skylanders can join each team and additional Skylanders can be added according to the content you use.
- Skylanders that participate in battle will possess up to 3 active skills and 2 passive skills (Leader Skill included) according to the rarity.
- The Portal Master that participates in battle will possess 1 skill, and the core power will be accumulated according to the usage of Skylander skills to use the Portal Master skill.
- The break status will be added when the Endurance turns 0, and the knockdown effect will be activated by specific Skylander skill effects. Other buff effects will be activated equally.
- The relation system for the elements will be introduced in a new way, so there will be no differences on the battle ability for each element.

2. Portal Master

- Portal Masters that join the battle with Skylanders will possess new skills and traits.
- Effects such as shield, evasion, buff effect UP, etc. will be granted on the Skylanders in battle.
- Play the game to meet new Portal Masters now!

3. Skylanders

- With the renewal of the element system, all elements will battle with the same condition excluding light and dark elements.
- Light and dark elements will have special abilities compared to Skylanders of other elements, and you’ll be able to summon them with a special condition.
- All Skylanders will possess equipment slots according to each trait, and the Ether will be transformed into the unique equipment when equipped.
- You’ll be able to upgrade Skylanders with the following methods.

1. Each Skylander will possess the rarity of Premium, Rare, Heroic, and Legendary.
2. Level up: Skylander’s level will be increased according to the acquired EXP and you can level up to Lv. 40 at MAX as a standard.
3. Evolution: The MAX level can be increased up to Lv. 80 by using Evolution Splendor (up to 6 times). The Ether slot will be expanded by 1 when you complete the final Evolution.
4. Awakening: The Endurance will be increased and you’ll acquire Awakened skill by using the [Awakening Stone] (up to 6 times). The Skylander’s appearance will change when you complete the final Awakening.
5. Skills: Skills can be powered-up using the [Skill Power-up Stones], and the skill effect and the duration will be increased and the cooldown time will be decreased (up to Lv. 7).
6. Superboost: The Skylander will be Superboosted when you use the [Superboost Key] or when you summon a Skylander in possession. The MAX skill level will be increased when Superboosted, and the Ether slot will be expanded by 1 when you complete the final Superboost.
7. Transcendence: Use [Imaginites] and Skylanders will acquire special abilities (up to 5 times according to the rarity).

4. Summon System

- Skylanders will be summoned instantly when you use the guaranteed summon system.
- The Skylander will be Superboosted automatically when you summon a Skylander in possession.
- Superboost can be performed up to 5 times, and Imaginites will be acquired according to the rarity when you summon the same Skylander afterwards.
- The summon system is as follows.

1. First Summoning (Pickup Summon): You’ll be able to summon a Legendary Skylander for the first time only.
2. Premium Summon: You can summon Skylanders of each element by selecting the portal of each element. You can meet dark/light Skylanders with special abilities with a fixed chance from the fifth summon.
3. Pickup Summon: You can summon a designated Legendary Skylander with a higher chance. However, you can’t get dark/light Skylanders.
4. Mystic Magic Summon: You can summon Skylanders by using Eon's Mystic Scroll acquired from Eon’s Shop.
5. Wish Stone Summon: You can summon Skylanders by using Wish Stones exchanged with friends.

5. Equipment System (Ether)

- Each Skylander possesses up to 6 equipment slots, and Ethers will be used to equip equipment.
- All Ethers possess main property and sub properties.
- All Ethers can be powered up to power-up stats, and bonus stats can be added or the stats can be increased greatly with every 3rd power-up level.
- All Ethers can be recycled and transformed into Ether pieces used for power-up.
- You’ll be able to grant various effects using Enchant Scrolls after equipping Ethers, and special stats will be activated when you meet the required condition amount. Enchant Scrolls can be acquired from the Secret Scroll Library.
- You can use Ether Extracting Tools to restore Ethers to the complete state on bound Ethers. (1-2★ Ethers don’t require Extracting Tools.)

6. Contents

- Adventures: Start the adventure to fight against Kaos and Doom Raider to protect Skylands! You’ll be able to meet new bosses on the 7th stage of each island and you’ll have to come up with special strategies to defeat them.
- Awakening Dimension Investigation: The dimension has been broken due to an explosion! Defeat the boss Troll King protecting the area and get the Awakening Stone.
- Cyclops Ether Fortress: Defeat the Cyclops abusing the Ethers to get Ethers. You’ll be able to get Ethers and Feather Pens with a fixed chance when you defeat Cyclops.
- Secret Scroll Library: Use the Feather Pens acquired from the Cyclops Ether Fortress to enter. Defeat the Spell Punks to get Enchant Scrolls.
- Dark Subjugation: Fight against the illusion of Kaos! The illusion’s appearance will change and get stronger when designated amount of damage is inflicted. You can enter up to 3 times a day and the highest damage you inflict will be used for the battle record. You can get Superboost Keys according to the acquired score once a day. Special rewards will be given to the Portal Master that inflicts a large amount of damage.
- Mirage Tower: A special training spot prepared by Master Eon! Complete special challenge missions for each stage to get rewards. The tower will reset once a month.
- Guardians: Place Skylanders as guardians on the islands you’ve cleared. You’ll get more patrol rewards as the battle power of placed Skylanders increases.
- Arena: Compete against other Portal Masters! You can participate up to 10 times a day to battle against other Portal Masters. Weekly rewards will be given according to the final grade of each week.

7. Other Changes

- The main menu and the design of each content have been changed for user convenience.
- You’ll be able to move the event menu when you tap on the Event Tab in the main screen. Various events are waiting for you!
- You’ll get rewards according to the achievements completed through missions and training missions.
- The renewed package shop offers free package items provided daily, and special packages available for a limited time only.
- You can change the game settings up to 60FPS according to the device specification for a smoother gameplay screen.
- The game will no longer support Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish with the update. You’ll be able to play the game in English if you were using the noted languages. Also the rewards given according to the previous Academy Level and purchase records will be provided the same.

  Ring of Heroes Revamp Full Details
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 07-07-2020, 05:01 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Com2Us has announced more details on their Skylanders: Ring of Heroes revamp coming soon!

Com2Us Wrote:Greetings Portal Masters from Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

It's been a while since our 1st-anniversary appreciation letter.
One year and four months since the launch of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. During this time, we’ve tried our best to make the game better by taking valuable feedback from the community. Thanks to the community’s feedback, we’ve introduced new Skylanders such as Chop Chop and Drobot, as well as adding new content like Guild Battle, Episode Dungeon, and Hall of Chaos. Other improvements include the Adventure revamp, summoning revamp, Soulstone drop adjustments, in game balances, etc.

Despite our efforts, updates throughout the service time may not have been satisfying for our Portal Masters.
We've been working around the clock to find solutions to issues that were brought up by the community to improve Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

At the time of delivering the 1st-anniversary appreciation letter, we’ve been working on improving gameplay by adding new contents and adjusting the current systems. However, while working on the improvements, we came to the conclusion that the game needs a dramatic revamp from top to bottom, rather than just adjustments, to deliver a high quality gameplay experience for Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

First things first, we’d like to deeply apologize to our Portal Masters who have been waiting to hear from us since February, 2020. We truly appreciate your patience with us. We wanted to give out the information sooner but as we were revamping the game, it took longer than we anticipated.

Today, we’re announcing the game revamp plan.
Revamp development is currently under progress, including the battle system, Skylanders Growth, Summoning, and many other systems. We’d like to briefly show a preview of these upcoming changes.

1) Summoning Skylanders
- Current: Soulstone system, where you acquire Soulstone to get Skylanders.
- New: Soulstone system will be removed. You will now get Skylanders directly from summoning
We understand the frustration of endlessly grinding to acquire Soulstone or having to keep summoning to get enough Soulstone to make Skylanders. Now you will be getting actual Skylanders instead of Soulstone and they will be ready to be in your party as soon as you get them.
Furthermore, the summoning system itself will be revamped in a way that will make it a little easier to get the Skylanders you want.

2) Skylanders Growth System
Along with the change to the summoning system, where Soulstones are going to be removed from the game, the growth system will also be revamped.
There will be new methods to Skylanders’ growth which will require specific materials that will drop from different contents throughout the revamped Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. With the changes, growth results will be much more noticeable than before. (Furthermore, the Rune system, one of the major growth systems, will also be revamped.)

3) Contents Revamp
We’re revamping contents to provide more fun to the game through challenges that require various strategies. Along with the revamp of existing contents, new contents will be added.
Changes and new contents are focused to go along with the growth system revamp, where the more you play, the more powerful Skylanders will become. In addition, we’ve revamped the UI system to improve gameplay experience.

4) Combat System Mechanics Revamp
Combat System Mechanics will be revamped to make the gameplay more interesting with more strategic elements and by amplifying unique features of each and every Skylander. In addition to the changes, we’ve removed features that currently make the combat system monotonous.

The new revamped system with more strategic gameplay experience will provide satisfaction both current and future Portal Masters of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

5) Enhancing Role of Portal Master
Currently, the role of Portal Master in the game is that of a leader of the Skylanders. However, despite the “leader” role, they were nothing more than an iconic symbol. As such, we’ve decided to enhance the role of Portal Master.
With the revamped version, the role of Portal Master will significantly increase. They will participate in the combat along with Skylanders and bring victory to the team and they can get stronger through their own growth system.

Along with the major system changes listed above, there are many other small changes in the game. Stay tuned in July 2020, for detailed preview of all the changes to come.

Lastly, we’d like to apologize again for not sharing the news sooner. We’ll put our best of best efforts to improve Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Thank you Portal Masters.

  Skylanders Academy is Cancelled
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 04-30-2019, 05:46 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (9)

Found by Operationgamer17.

After three seasons on Netflix, Skylanders Academy has been announced to not be returning for a fourth season. Reasons for this are unknown, besides official confirmation from Nancy Koff who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.