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  Ring of Heroes Revamp Full Details
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 07-07-2020, 05:01 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (1)

Com2Us has announced more details on their Skylanders: Ring of Heroes revamp coming soon!

Com2Us Wrote:Greetings Portal Masters from Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

It's been a while since our 1st-anniversary appreciation letter.
One year and four months since the launch of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. During this time, we’ve tried our best to make the game better by taking valuable feedback from the community. Thanks to the community’s feedback, we’ve introduced new Skylanders such as Chop Chop and Drobot, as well as adding new content like Guild Battle, Episode Dungeon, and Hall of Chaos. Other improvements include the Adventure revamp, summoning revamp, Soulstone drop adjustments, in game balances, etc.

Despite our efforts, updates throughout the service time may not have been satisfying for our Portal Masters.
We've been working around the clock to find solutions to issues that were brought up by the community to improve Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

At the time of delivering the 1st-anniversary appreciation letter, we’ve been working on improving gameplay by adding new contents and adjusting the current systems. However, while working on the improvements, we came to the conclusion that the game needs a dramatic revamp from top to bottom, rather than just adjustments, to deliver a high quality gameplay experience for Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

First things first, we’d like to deeply apologize to our Portal Masters who have been waiting to hear from us since February, 2020. We truly appreciate your patience with us. We wanted to give out the information sooner but as we were revamping the game, it took longer than we anticipated.

Today, we’re announcing the game revamp plan.
Revamp development is currently under progress, including the battle system, Skylanders Growth, Summoning, and many other systems. We’d like to briefly show a preview of these upcoming changes.

1) Summoning Skylanders
- Current: Soulstone system, where you acquire Soulstone to get Skylanders.
- New: Soulstone system will be removed. You will now get Skylanders directly from summoning
We understand the frustration of endlessly grinding to acquire Soulstone or having to keep summoning to get enough Soulstone to make Skylanders. Now you will be getting actual Skylanders instead of Soulstone and they will be ready to be in your party as soon as you get them.
Furthermore, the summoning system itself will be revamped in a way that will make it a little easier to get the Skylanders you want.

2) Skylanders Growth System
Along with the change to the summoning system, where Soulstones are going to be removed from the game, the growth system will also be revamped.
There will be new methods to Skylanders’ growth which will require specific materials that will drop from different contents throughout the revamped Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. With the changes, growth results will be much more noticeable than before. (Furthermore, the Rune system, one of the major growth systems, will also be revamped.)

3) Contents Revamp
We’re revamping contents to provide more fun to the game through challenges that require various strategies. Along with the revamp of existing contents, new contents will be added.
Changes and new contents are focused to go along with the growth system revamp, where the more you play, the more powerful Skylanders will become. In addition, we’ve revamped the UI system to improve gameplay experience.

4) Combat System Mechanics Revamp
Combat System Mechanics will be revamped to make the gameplay more interesting with more strategic elements and by amplifying unique features of each and every Skylander. In addition to the changes, we’ve removed features that currently make the combat system monotonous.

The new revamped system with more strategic gameplay experience will provide satisfaction both current and future Portal Masters of Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

5) Enhancing Role of Portal Master
Currently, the role of Portal Master in the game is that of a leader of the Skylanders. However, despite the “leader” role, they were nothing more than an iconic symbol. As such, we’ve decided to enhance the role of Portal Master.
With the revamped version, the role of Portal Master will significantly increase. They will participate in the combat along with Skylanders and bring victory to the team and they can get stronger through their own growth system.

Along with the major system changes listed above, there are many other small changes in the game. Stay tuned in July 2020, for detailed preview of all the changes to come.

Lastly, we’d like to apologize again for not sharing the news sooner. We’ll put our best of best efforts to improve Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Thank you Portal Masters.

  Skylanders Academy is Cancelled
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 04-30-2019, 05:46 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (9)

Found by Operationgamer17.

After three seasons on Netflix, Skylanders Academy has been announced to not be returning for a fourth season. Reasons for this are unknown, besides official confirmation from Nancy Koff who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

  Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will globally launch on February 27th!
Posted by: CrystalBlazier - 02-20-2019, 01:50 AM - Forum: News & Announcements - Replies (13)

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will launch globally on February 27th PST next week! Global Release will be for selected countries. Additional countries, including Asia, may be implemented in the future.


Ring of Heroes Facebook Page Wrote:New Skylanders
One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten is about adding more Skylanders to the game. We updated the number of Skylanders from 65 to 84, adding more elemental variety with characters like Wild Storm and Chain Reaction.

Skylander’s skills, both the effects and animation, have been improved to look and ‘feel’ more distinctive. We’d also like to announce that new, original characters made especially for Skylanders Ring of Heroes are being developed for a future update, so stay tuned for more info!

Battle Difficulty Improvement
We read feedback that showed us that players were feeling stumped and discouraged with the original battle system and we understand that frustration. As a result, we decided to do some tweaking to various systems to see if it could help alleviate some of the problems.

Storyline Expansion
We know how important lore and a solid story is to some fans so we’ve expanded the storyline by adding more cut scenes to deliver a more lively experience similar to the original Skylanders series. By clearing Adventure stages, you can unlock and view new parts of the story as well as re-watch them from the ‘Replay’ tab, but don’t lose hope just yet! More of the story will be added as we continue to update the game.
Here, you can see the 'Replay' tab we just spoke of.

Co-operative content and Guilds
Guilds will allow you to interact with Portal Masters from all over the world! You can receive achievements and rewards like guild level-ups by completing guild missions with your guild-mates. You can also support one another by requesting AND donating Soul Stones. You can gain guild points and use them in the Guild Shop to purchase Swap Scrolls as well as purchase Surge Statues, which grant unique effects to your battle party to make them even stronger. Be sure to join or create a guild so you can build a stronger team and a stronger bond with your friends! Big Grin
This is what the 'Guild' menu looks like after you've joined. Be sure to check the 'Notice' under the description for important guild-related info.

Farming Dungeons and Balancing
We heard users wanted more dungeons to farm so we started to develop the Cave of Gold shortly after the beta test period ended. In the Cave of Gold, you have another way to earn gold, which is needed to help power-up, Evolve, and make Skylanders stronger. This dungeon can be done every day! We also changed the rewards given for completing various stages in The Realm of Souls as well as the Mirage Tower.
The 'Cave of Gold' is the newest addition to the 'Challenges' menu.

Added Portal Master Customization
Along with the rest of the beta test feedback, one that was mentioned a lot was that we add more character customization. We are pleased to announce that Portal Master Customization is now available. You are now able to edit your hairstyle, eye color, and skin tone which will allow you to create a Portal Master with their own unique style. We’re also working on a variety of NEW hairstyles and costumes that will be implemented after global release.

Added Quest
We’ve updated the ‘Quests’ tab so that they will better assist newcomers to the game, by helping them level up and settle in.

By clearing each mission step-by-step, Portal Masters will not only learn how to play but also be rewarded with special items and incentives that are only found in these “Quests” training missions.

We put lots of time and effort on the graphics, UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience), and quality of life improvements. However, one of the hardest tasks that the Skylanders team was faced with was preparing a system that would allow Skylanders fans to collect,level-up, customize skills, and battle with all of their favorite characters. We’ve been developing ideas to improve Skylander growth, as well as thinking of different ways to improve content, while also rewarding players for doing so.

Even if we can’t answer every question, our first priority will always be what’s best for the game and the players. Feedback will always be considered when making changes. Below are a few more summarized questions and concerns from users.

1. Will there be one or multiple servers?
When global release occurs, servers will be divided by regions. Global and European servers will be added. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia will keep their servers as they are.

2. Is any new content going to be available for global release?
New content that will allow you to play the game with Portal Masters from all different parts of the world such as Guild Raids and other co-operative content are still being prepared to be available soon after global release. We will update the community with further details!

3. Toys-to-life and Portals were one of the biggest parts of the Skylanders franchise. What was the reason why Skylanders Ring of Heroes ruled out this feature?
The Skylanders Ring of Heroes team thought really hard and deliberated for a very long time, and they ultimately wanted a game that everyone could play and have access to. That meant that some Portal Masters from regions that are not familiar with the Toys-to-life model, would not be as familiar with the gameplay style. They may also have a hard time getting their hands on toys, and they might not be able to enjoy the game to its full potential. This decision was not taken lightly as we’re very well aware of how beloved the toys are.

We would like to ask that Skylanders fans understand that our main goal was (and still is) “making a game that users across the world can enjoy”. We are preparing a distinctive battle system, a variety of original series characters, and newly expanded content to be updated soon.
We will notify everyone of the new, upcoming, challenging content while also making sure we compile and consider ALL user comments and feedback. We will strive to keep bringing you an even more interesting and fun game.

Thank you all for your steadfast dedication, your patience, and for sticking with us. We hope to see you during our global release!

[Image: c7b7edab8f9761588e80117ac93985e8.jpg]