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Removed from App Store - CrystalBlazier - 06-03-2018

Skylanders Creator has been removed the App Store and Google Play without warning nor notice.

RE: Removed from App Store - The Primordial Clok-Roo - 06-03-2018

I'm guessing interest in the app pretty much died away to nothing.
Wasn't all that particularly interesting in my opinion after a while...

RE: Removed from App Store - spyrofreestyle - 06-03-2018

If you still have it the only thing removed is the ability to share your creations with other users. Black Rhino Ranger made a video on this subject as well.

RE: Removed from App Store - Graupel - 06-03-2018

Last examples were because the games weren't updated, but this has no excuse. Acti just plain hates a bit of free buzz about a franchise, it seems. Iirc you don't even pay to keep the game at the app store so it's completely harmless to just keep it there - remove the whole thing to boost its appearance on searches and let it sit on the shelf like it already was doing.

RE: Removed from App Store - Kairi_in_Skylands - 06-03-2018

Also a problem with the Creator App, wasn't avaible and in other countries for some odd reason. Not much of a loss. It was kinda boring, and it was tedious to unlock everything.