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Trap Team Concept Art - spyrofreestyle - 08-19-2018

Level layouts.

RE: Scrapped Blocker Bird Villain - The Primordial Clok-Roo - 08-19-2018

I think these need to go in a seperate thread, mate.
Still, interesting to see that some Trap Team concept art used Spyro's original design.
Guess they were experimenting with how classic Spyro would look in new settings... looks alright, actually.

RE: Trap Team Concept Art - CrystalBlazier - 08-19-2018

Thread made.

RE: Trap Team Concept Art - Graupel - 08-20-2018

The Academy seemed to have much more than just the plataforming sections in an early version.

RE: Trap Team Concept Art - spyrofreestyle - 08-20-2018

Early sea enemy concepts.

Early Pepper Jack concepts.