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Update [V.1.0.7] - CrystalBlazier - 03-27-2019

Update coming:

Quote:Greetings, Portal Masters! We would like to announce V1.0.7 Update information. Please read below for more details on the update.

2 new Skylanders join the squad!

- Blastermind and Nightfall
- New characters can be acquired with summons and Swap Scrolls but cannot be acquired with Selection Scrolls and Points rewards.
- Blastermind or Nightfall won’t be available in the tutorial summons.

2. New Episode Dungeon: Story of Nightfall.

- Episode Dungeon is available for a limited time only.
-> The New Episode Dungeon will close on Apr. 11th at 00:00.
-> Episode Dungeons Exchange shop will open till Apr. 18th 00:00.
- You can earn a special currency by clearing stages and exchange them for awesome rewards!

- Since you won't be able to use the special currency after Apr. 18th 12:00am (server time), we recommend you to spend them as soon as possible.
※ Operating hours of the dungeon and the shop are based on the server time. (AU/CA & Global: PST/PDT, Europe: CET/CEST)

3. Energy on Sale!
- As per our previous notice on Energy, we have started 50% discount on Energy available in the shop which will continue until further notice.

4. Improved Ultra Premium Summoning system
- Ultra Premium Summon now has a chance to give a maximum of 180 Soul Stones of a Skylander.

5. Skill adjustments on 4★ and 5★ Skylanders.
- Improved Leader skills of various 4★ and 5★ Skylanders.

[Image: %EC%98%81_1553685674.PNG]

- Details on skill adjustments are below.

1) High Volt

 - Alert Status/Full Alert Status
      -> Mana consumption will decrease from 4 to 3. 1 [FOCUS AGGRO] will be added.

2) Food Fight

 - Tomato Launcher / Bouncy Tomato Launcher
      -> Revised to cast [TARGET] twice instead of once.

3) Crusher

 - Ground Grinder
      -> The attack’s cool down time decreases from 18 sec. to 15 sec.
 - Crusher Spin/ Crusher Spin: Blaster
      -> Revised to deal damage in proportion to the character’s maximum HP instead of HP
 - Crusher Spin: Blaster
      -> Added [WIDE RANGE DMG DOWN] for the caster and the ally with the highest ATK for 1 turn.
      -> Deleted an effect of dealing damage in proportion to the character’s HP.

4) Sprocket
  - Wrench Whack
      -> The Mana consumption decreases from 3 to 2.

5) Pop Fizz

  - Improved Potion Lob
       -> Revised to cast [DEF DOWN] for 2 turns, when landing a critical hit instead of gaining [cool down time -2 sec].

  - Beast Form
        -> The Mana consumption decreases from 3 to 0.

6) Pop Fizz- Beast Form

   - Fierce Jump/Fierce Jump Attack
        -> Revised to decrease cool down time from 15 sec. to 12 sec.
   - Fierce Jump Attack
        -> Revised to cast [DEF DOWN] for 2 turns, when landing a critical hit, instead of cool down time decrease.

   - Flame Breath
        -> The Mana consumption decreases from 6 to 5.

7) Aurora

   - Power of Eon

        -> The Mana consumption decreases from 3 to 2.
        -> Revised to increase the cool down time from 11 sec. to 13 sec.

   - Super Power of Eon

        -> Revised to decrease the Mana consumption from 3 to 0.
        -> Revised to decrease the cool down time from 11 sec. to 10 sec.

   - Sword Technique

        -> Removed the effect of [CRIT RATE UP] on all allies for 1 turn, when the target is casted with [ELECTRIC SHOCK].
        -> Revised to grant [CRIT RATE UP] for 1 turn to all allies, if the character has [buffs].

   - Double Sword Attack

         -> Revised to decrease the Mana consumption from 6 to 5.
         -> Revised to decrease buff count of the attacked enemy instead of the enemy with the highest DEF.
         -> Added an effect of decreasing the buff count of the enemy with the highest DEF when leveling up the skill.

8) Knight Light

   - Prismatic Pounce
          -> Revised to heal the ally with the lowest HP whenever using the skill instead of when having 2 buffs.

   - Light Up
          -> Revised to decrease the Mana consumption from 2 to 1.

   - Destination
          -> Revised to decrease the Mana consumption from 2 to 1.

   - Knight of Light
          -> Removed the effect of granting [HP REGEN] to an ally when the character is defeated
          -> Removed increases in times of granting [HP REGEN] to an ally when the skill is leveled up.  (This applies to Lv.2-4.)
          -> Revised to grant [HP REGEN] to an ally when the character has HP of 20% or lower and is attacked.
          -> When the skill is leveled up by 1, the standard of HP based on which the skill activates increases by 5%. (The standard increases from 20% to 35%.)

9) Tri-Tip

   - Mace Smash/Mightier Mace/Dino Dash/ Posey Power Swing
           -> Revised to increase the damage by 10%

   - Dino rock
           -> Revised to grant [ATK UP] to an ally when the ally is under attack and has 40% HP or lower instead of 30% HP or lower.
           -> The HP condition for activating [ATK UP] increases by 10% whenever the skill is leveled up. (The range of the HP condition increased from 30-50% range to 40-60% range.)

10) Mysticat

    - Laser Painter
             -> Added an effect of casting [EVASION DOWN] to the attacked enemy for 2 turns.

    - Pawsome Painter

              -> Removed the effect of regaining Mana by 2 when attacking an enemy of Attack Type.
              -> Revised to regain Mana by 3 at a 50% chance instead of 1.
              -> Added an effect of casting [EVASION DOWN] to the attacked enemy for 2 turns.

    - Cat's Familiar
              -> Removed the condition of “Highest ATK” for removing buffs.

    - Paw Print
              -> Revised to decrease the cool down time from 24 sec. to 9 sec. and increase DMG by 5%.

    - The Feline's Mutual
              -> Revised to gain [Stealth] for 1 turn at a 70% chance when the character lands a critical hit instead of having [Effect RES UP] effect.
              -> Adjusted Increase in standards for activating the effect of the skill. (The maximum value is 100%, which remains the same)

11) Astroblast

- Solar Powered
-> Effect activates when allies attack enemies of Dark element instead of activating limited to Astroblast's attack.

6. Guild Shop item renewal

- Added 8 new Soul Stone packs, while 4 Swap Scrolls will not be for sale anymore.
- New Soul Stones are limited to 10 purchases per week.

[Image: %EC%98%81_1553686582.PNG]

7. Currencies related changes

- Increased Gold for selling Runes. (Except for 1★ & 6★ Runes)
- Slightly raised chances of acquiring 5★ Runes at 6F of the Wailing Labyrinth and 7F of the Beast’s Labyrinth.  
- Increased Gold for clearing a stage in Adventures (Hard).
- Increased Gold obtainable in 3-5F of Cave of Gold.
- Changed the reward for weekly mission from a Normal ticket to 300 Gems.
- Changed the reward for completing weekly missions for 7 times from 250 Gems to 1 Ultra Premium Ticket.
- Changed rewards in Mirage Tower as below.

[Image: %EC%98%81_1553686743.PNG]

8. New packs
- Blastermind and Nightfall packs are for sale!

9. Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where Villains with [GUARANTEED REVIVAL] revive after being defeated due to explosion.
- Addressed the Skylander, Energy icon overlap issue when battle is lost.
- Fixed the issue of Invasion weekly rewards not tallying properly.
- Fixed the issue in Arena where skill info is not displayed as intended.
- Fixed the issue of score displayed incorrectly after invasion.
- Fixed a bug where [DEF UP] and [DEF DOWN] abnormally applies to an Invasion boss.
- Fixed an issue where a transformable Skylander (Pop Fizz/Wild Storm) is transformed, the HP bar of the character does not decrease.
- Fixed an issue where the stats of an opponent Skylander in Realm of Souls are displayed higher than actual.

10. Other changes.

- Improved multi-language translations and fixed mistranslations.
- Addressed a case where the lower end of the screen was abnormally displayed on tablet/pad resolutions.
- Revised to enable a user to summon continuously when using a Swap Scroll from Inventory.
- Fixed the issue where restarting the app stops music from playing.
- Target AI: Targeting is automated only when set to Focus: Mob in boss stages. In other cases, targeting will remain unchanged.
- Character limit of Guild names will be increased to 16 characters instead of 10.
- Revised to display time for Invasion to include tallying time.
- Revised to display Invasion period instead of ranking closing time.
- Revised to maintain Guild chats longer so that Portal Masters can see previous messages.
- Took out the event button to town.
- Revised to display battle information when pausing in Meditating Woodland.

RE: Update [V.1.0.7] - The Primordial Clok-Roo - 03-27-2019

Those are some serious leader skill buffs they are applying!