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Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - CrystalBlazier - 04-30-2019

Found by Operationgamer17.

After three seasons on Netflix, Skylanders Academy has been announced to not be returning for a fourth season. Reasons for this are unknown, besides official confirmation from Nancy Koff who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - Kairi_in_Skylands - 04-30-2019

Oh my god no! Why, seems Skylanders is official dead, the Spyro fans won. And i'm boycotting Netflix.

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - Barrysun - 04-30-2019

I'm hopping this means they'll return to the Skylanders games. and plus I'm hopping they'll release the shows on DVD

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - The Primordial Clok-Roo - 04-30-2019

Me too.
This really hurts me to the core...

*begins crying*

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - SoupCan - 04-30-2019

Even though this is sad news, I'm glad to have seen a show that gave the characters distinctive personalities. If a new game were to be made, I just hope they take ques from the show in some way.
Just wish to see a more fleshed out reason for the cancellation.

I'll need to try and find a link, but a screenshot from the second season has been my pc background for nearly 2 years and would stay that way for a long time.

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - The Primordial Clok-Roo - 05-01-2019

Or they could create a game in the same world as the show.
That way, they can discard the Portal of Power and keep on making Skylanders games!

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - Skymiibo12 - 05-01-2019

Skylanders really needs a reboot

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - Rovolin - 05-01-2019

Wow! I'm definitely shocked, but I'm not really that upset. I feel like this show did so much right, and also mishandled a TON of stuff. It definitely had it's moments, but I believe it was a poor representation of the franchise. I think having two branches of the franchise is needlessly confusing and detrimental to the whole. I definitely am thankful for the 3 seasons we got though, and there were definitely some great episodes. I loved seeing all the characters remodeled in the style of the show, and some of the action sequences were so awesome. I look forward to (hopefully) seeing where Skylanders goes from here.

RE: Skylanders Academy is Cancelled - DarklanderTails - 05-01-2019

That's a shame to here. Guess it being listed as "ongoing" before was less of them working on it and more or less deciding whether or not to actually cancel it.