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The following characters are the main cast of the Skylanders Academy animated Netflix series.


Voiced by: Justin Long

Biography: That purple blur that just whizzed past your eyes and blew the papers off your desk isn’t your imagination playing tricks on you – it’s Spyro, maybe the greatest Skylander of all time. And this cocky hero would be the first to tell you that! But there’s no denying this is one awesome dragon. Who else can breathe fire, fly like an acrobat through the air, and tell a joke all at the same time? That’s some serious multi-tasking! When the cards are stacked against you, you want a friend like Spyro on your side – because he’ll jump right into danger without thinking twice. He probably won’t even think once! Which might explain why he finds himself in over his head more than he’d care to admit. Could a Skylander this impulsive really be the “Chosen One” like Master Eon believes? Only one way to find out…

Stealth Elf
Voiced by: Ashley Tisdale

Biography: Here one second…gone the next. Stealth Elf is a speed demon who can travel from one corner of Skylanders Academy to the other before you can say, “Whoa, did she just teleport?” And if you think she’s quick on her feet, just wait until you see her work her blades. This ninja warrior is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s defeating her enemies or suddenly appearing behind one of her teammates with no warning to yell, “BOO!”, and make them jump – or in Eruptor’s case, to spew lava all over the place. But don’t let the name fool you – she may be stealth in a fight, but this Elf is always ready to take the lead and command her team to victory!


Voiced by: Johnathan Banks

Biography: "Ever met a hothead? Well, Eruptor is a hot - everything. A combustible force of nature, our volcanic friend has the power of molten rock and blistering fire … as well as a tendency to blow his lid every now and again. Yes, you could say Eruptor has a bit of a temper — if by “bit” you mean he explodes into a fiery rage at even the smallest annoyance. (Don’t cut him off in traffic, unless you want your car reduced to a pool of melted steel.) Fortunately, Eruptor’s best friends, Spyro and Stealth Elf, help him to keep his cool by always having his back. And although Eruptor keeps up a “tough guy” exterior, deep down he’s really just a big ol’ puddle of magma. He wishes sometimes that he had hands that didn’t melt everything they touched ... like a pet kitty cat — he wants to one day call his own. Yeah. That’d be nice."


Pop Fizz
Voiced by: Bobcat Goldthwait

Biography: What do you get when you mix one part gremlin, one part mad scientist, and two parts crazy? From the sounds of it, one nasty concoction. But also Pop Fizz, the Skylanders’ resident alchemist! Pop Fizz is the very definition of a “wild card,” a madcap mixer of magical potions who likes to test his creations on himself —without bothering to remember what’s in them. Was he born with blue skin, spiky hair, and a reckless, bonkers personality, or were those just side effects of one of his elixirs? Guess we’ll never know! On the plus side, Pop Fizz always has a potion for any given situation, whether it’s to turn invisible, transform into a bloodthirsty rage monster, or cure a bad case of the hiccups. Just remember, he’ll need to test it out first …


Voiced by: Jonny Rees

Biography: Noble, selfless, and brave, Jet-Vac is one regal eagle. As senior leader of the Skylander team, this former flying ace is also tough-as-talons, using a drill-sergeant mentality to hammer his vast knowledge of Skylands into his young team members. And if that doesn’t work, he always has his trusted jet vacuum gun to intimidate them — with its awesome wind-blasting power, it’s enough to send even the most dangerous of villains soaring through the sky. Ironically, the only one who can really ruffle Jet-Vac’s feathers is Spyro, whose cockiness often causes the two of them to butt heads. And as much as Jet-Vac tries to keep a stiff upper-beak, he’ll often accidentally “plop an egg” in the middle of a high-stress situation — battling villains, rescuing bystanders, or getting his students to be quiet during a test — much to his embarrassment.


Voiced by: Felicia Day

Biography: Think Spyro is the only purple-skinned, wisecracking, devil-may-care dragon in the Skylands? Well, actually he is. But there’s also Cynder, an ambitious, violet-scaled dragon who arrived at the Academy with a mysterious past that she refuses to talk about. Maybe it has something to do with how preternaturally talented she is in the dark arts, with awesome—and sinister—powers like her spectral lightning and shadow dash. Or how she’s always taking those weekend trips down to the Underworld. Until the Skylanders can get to the bottom of what’s really driving Cynder, she’s content to be the brooding ying to Spyro’s carefree yang, adding a much-needed edge to the Skylanders’ fight for good.


Voiced by: Grey Griffin

Biography: Need to fix a leaky faucet? Or how about revamp a malfunctioning quantum kinetic descrambler that keeps jamming up on you in battle? Then look no further than Sprocket! Armed with the right tool for any job, the fix is in with this tech head. Wielding a wrench powerful enough to fend off villains with a whack and large enough to tighten the bolts on a malfunctioning portal, the Skylanders can depend on Sprocket to repair any bad situation.


Master Eon

Voiced by: Chris Diamantopoulos
Biography: Possessor of mystical knowledge and prophecies, protector of the Core of Light, wearer of the most glorious beard in all of Skylands — Master Eon’s got it all. As headmaster of Skylanders Academy, this wise wizard is the guide and mentor to every hero that’s ever passed through its sacred halls. He’s just as good at doling out thoughtful advice to his students as he is at summoning incredible magical powers. He makes the tough decisions and will do whatever it takes to keep Darkness from ever invading Skylands again!


Voiced by: Patrick Warburton

Biography: If you’re looking for the Skylands’ most honest and humble pilot...look elsewhere. Captain Flynn is the King of the Skies and wants to make sure you know it. With more swagger than ten Mabu, this loud, brash, and cocksure pilot will fly the Skylanders through any storm, any situation, and any danger. The only price of admission aboard his ship, The Dread Yacht: be forced to listen to him describe all his heroic, death-defying tall tales - regardless of whether or not any of it is true. But what difference does that make so long as you enjoy the ride?

Voiced by: Richard Horvitz

Biography: When it comes to the most evil villains not tall enough to ride a roller coaster, accept no substitutes. Kaos lives up to his name and strives to bring his own personal style of disorder and disaster in his attempts to take over Skylands. Plotting his world domination from his “guest castle” behind his Mother’s estate, he hopes the whole “taking over Skylands” thing will finally win her approval. And until he gets it, he’s just going to scheme harder, bigger, and more eviler to gain control of all the isles in Skylands. Should he succeed, you just might have to kiss the Skylanders goodbye … forever!


Voiced by: Norm MacDonald

Biography: Glumshanks, Kaos’ loyal troll-servant, attends to his evil master’s every crazy whim: cooking his meals, cleaning his lair, and helping him with target practice … by being the target. And you thought your boss was tough! Even though Glumshanks is the brains of this duo’s dastardly operation, he never takes the credit and goes out of his way to keep Kaos from meeting his doom. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.


Voiced by: Catherine O'Hara

Biography: Kaossandra is truly the mother of all villains. Not only is she Kaos’ mom, but she is also a formidable dark sorceress herself, spending her days secluded in the depths of her castle, working tirelessly on a deep, dark secret that could either save or devastate all of Skylands! If only Kaos would stop constantly interrupting her with his hair-brained schemes, she might actually be able to get some work done.


Dark Spyro
Voiced by: Jason Ritter

Biography: This season, purple is the new evil. The only thing more powerful than Spyro, one of the most heroic, capable, and popular Skylanders ever, is one powered purely by darkness. And that spells trouble for the rest of the Skylands! With orders from his dark master to infiltrate the Academy as an undercover spy, Dark Spyro will stop at nothing to succeed in this catastrophic plan - and he’s going to do it all right under his best friends’ noses! New powers, a new look, and a new mission, this is one fire-breathing flying dragon you don’t want to make angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

Biography: Finally freed from his inter-dimensional prison, the villain formerly known as “that glowing pair of eyes” has arrived to reclaim his title as biggest baddie in all of the Skylands. And now that he’s back, he’s got quite the evil to-do list: seeking revenge on Eon and Kaossandra for locking him away, creating an army of dark and deadly soldiers, and finally destroying the Core of Light! The only thing standing in his way? That pesky son of his, Kaos, who is so desperate for daddy’s attention that he’s constantly thwarting all of Strykore’s evil missions. That’s family for you...

Golden Queen
Voiced by: Susan Sarandon

Biography: This woman’s got the golden touch…literally. Not only is the Golden Queen made of pure gold, but this royal evil-doer can turn anything and anyone into the glittering metal. Friend or foe – get on her bad side and be prepared to end up as the world’s most expensive paperweight. It takes a special kind of monster to be the leader of the Doom Raiders, the Skylands’ all-star roster of the baddest baddies, and Golden Queen is more than qualified for the job.


Chompy Mage
Voiced by: Chris Diamantopoulos

Biography: Like those creepy ventriloquists at kids’ birthday parties — except, you know, more psychotic — Chompy Mage is a deranged wizard obsessed with one thing and one thing only: chompies, tiny, annoying green creatures that bark like dogs, and try to eat anything that comes near them. Chompy Mage loves these little horrors so much that he dresses like one, and even wears a chompy puppet on his hand that he talks to and considers his best friend. Pathetic, right? Yep, this guy takes fandom to a whole other level.


Chef Pepper Jack
Voiced by: Unknown

Biography: This is one cook whose Quick-fire Challenge might be taken too literally. A maestro of evil and cuisine, Pepper Jack whisks the two in spicy, explosive dishes that can be used to demolish a building … as well as your stomach! He was once the most famous chef in all of Skylands, but decided to use his culinary skills for crime. It’ll take some powerful heroes, and even more powerful antacids, to take this Doom Raider down for good!


Voiced by: Parkey Posey

Biography: No, you’re not dreaming – there actually is a teenage girl’s head hovering above your bed. So flip on your night-light and find the nearest Skylander, because this newly-minted Doom Raider will drive you insane with her dream manipulation powers. For Dreamcatcher, the only thing lamer than going to school with the “Sky-losers”, is being on a team of “old people”. They’re not even cool enough to know any of the slang she uses! But she’s all whatevs about that shade.


Broccoli Guy
Voiced by: Cedric Yarbrough

Biography: If you think you hate broccoli now, wait until you meet it in talking, floating, extremely annoying form. As a member of the Doom Raiders, Broccoli Guy is much like the vegetable he’s made of — bland, tough to swallow, and always there when you don’t want him to be. But lucky for Golden Queen and her followers, he also, like Brocolli, comes with health benefits: his invaluable healing powers always come in handy for the Doom Raiders after a battle with the Skylanders. Broccoli Guy should probably thank his lucky stars he has this gift, because his boring stories, lame jokes, and downer disposition drive his teammates crazy. The only thing that might make him more tolerable? Maybe, dipping him in some ranch dressing.