Astro Boy reboot (code name)
Back in 2015, it was announced that Tezuka Productions was teaming up with Shibuya productions and Caribara animations to do a new Astro Boy TV series under the codenamed "Astro Boy reboot" and later put out this teaser:

Aside from them revealing some of the characters in a poster last year, we don't have much info on it, but, Shibuya Productions' site has a synopsis, which reads: 
"It is the story of a small, powerful robot who is convinced that in order to be loved he would have to be a little boy. But he is super-rational, super-logical, super-strong, does not know how to lie or know how to play ... in short, he really is not a little boy! Yet, even if he does not know how to manage them, he does have emotions. Through adventures with his two human best friends Fubuki and Akino, he is going to learn how to accept himself the way he is, with his weaknesses and … strengths.",005 

Personally, I'm looking forward to this, but when's it coming out?
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Those visuals are so good.
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