Character Swap - Skylanders VA's
Wasn't sure where to put this one...
I think this is where it belongs.
Anyway, here's something silly and funny to play around with, guys!

Think of a character from Skylanders. It doesn't have to be a Skylander per se.
Now imagine them with the personality and/or behaviour of a character voiced by the same VA from ANYTHING. Can be a character they acted on-screen.
Tell us your mash-ups and how they play out! Just... try to keep it clean if you can.

Let me give you an example:
Flynn, but with the personality of Brock Samson from Venture Bros.... or at least from Poker Nigh at the Inventory 2. I never watched Venture Bros. so I don't know.
That's the kind of character Flynn WISHES he was: big, strong, good with the ladies *wink* and carrying around a great whopping knife to go with his berserker rage...
That's actually a scary thought, now that I think about it.
Then again, Brock is anyway.

OK, here's another:
Kaos, but using Invader Zim...
Actually, never mind. It's no different.

OK, over to you guys!
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Signing out!

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