Which Villains do you think would make great Senseis?
I always thought that Cross Crow would always make a good Archer class Water Sensei, even before superchargers release, I always thought some of the villains needed a bit of expansion, when that happened in Imaginators, I was somewhat sad that Cross Crow didn't make it
but, now I create this smol mini challenge event for you all, take a villian from Trap team, and expand on them as much as you like, create an entire powers list, backstory, paths, anything
as an example, I did a little bit on Cross Crow

Basic Attacks
primary -  Drill Blast - Fire small slow-moving drills at enemies, hold for a continuous stream
secondary - Crow Shower - Direct an army of crows downwards at your enemies

Basic Upgrades
Diamond-Tip - Drill Blasts now do far more damage
Crowmungous Shower - Hold attack 2 for a steaming shower of crows that does increased damage
Mist Spray - Hold attack 3 to spray a thick cloud of mist at your enemies, slowing them down
Ready Steady - Continuous Drill Blasts are much faster

Soul Gem - Murder Mist - Summoning a Crow Shower at your mist makes the mist explode, sending crows everywhere

this was just a little sample of his abilities, but you can do so much more!! Idea

if you are having difficulty coming up with battle classes for villians, here are a few ideas
Mab Lobs - Tech Bazooker
Eye Five - Light Brawler
Shield Shredder - Life Knight
Scrap Shooter - Fire Quickshot
Rage Mage - Magic Sorcerer

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