Trap Team References in Imaginators
As a fan of the franchise (especially Trap Team), I've noticed a lot of dialogues from Imaginators that consist events and references to that game. Seriously! it feels like that game wants me to like it the same as Trap Team by bringing in these references here. If you found any dialogue or scenes that could be references to Trap Team or before, add it to the comments and I'll add it.

Here are the dialogues that I've found months ago:

"I lived with Kaos in the ol' Academy far too long to to believe that stuufnfluff!" - Mags (Thumpin Wumpa Island)
"Now would be a good time to bring in Broccoli Guy - wait, that's a completely different game" -Broccoli Guy (Battle Arena)
"Do you remember me from last game... I mean... Our last few adventures" - Sharpfin (Brain's Quests - Aftergame) although he did not appear in Trap Team.
"Dino Might! And yes, I stole that one from Chopper." - Tri-Tip (Gameplay)
"Check out Skylanders Traplocke! A new way to play Trap Team."
It's in the Trap Team forums. Duh.

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