A Nuzlocke for Skylanders: Eon Emblem

Hello Portal Masters!
I have come with this idea for a long time and I want to let itself to be known as a great challenge for all players that has a history with the Skylanders.
It is normally like what you expect from any Skylanders game you have played in the past but this challenge will put a twist to test your roster's viability.
This challenge is also so ridiculously difficult that you will need a full army of Skylanders and some resources to compete it.
[Image: ONyFCdo.png]
Eon Emblem is an advanced mode that will limit you team to a number of rules to enticed your enjoyment of survival.
It is like Fire Emblem Classic Mode where if you made one mistake in your battles, even your favorite chosen Skylander will fall. It will bring in a new way to play Skylanders as it will pressure the person from making any rational decision of when to switch out or keeping them on the portal for its final judgement.
If you want to take on this challenge and you may have a low amount of resources, there are sources you will need to get to compete it.

- A number of Skylanders. (May recommend getting one of each element to fill in 8 to 10 spots.)
Elemental Spots include: Magic, Tech, Water, Fire, Life, Air, Earth and Undead 
(Extra two spotsLight and Dark are viable to use from Trap Team and Onward)

- A Portal of Power. (Only the Traptanium Portal are compatible to Trap Team) A Traptanium Portal is recommended as it will work in every game of the series.

- Any Skylander game. (It can be on any version of the following games depending on your current gaming console.)

- Additional figurines such as Traps and Vehicles for taking on any optional rule. (A land vehicle are mandatory to play the entirety of Superchargers but it can be bypassed by using the Traptanium Portal to get instant Hot Streak as a land vehicle.)

Here is the summary and rules for Spyro's Adventures:
[Image: 0pnOWr3.png]
Final Level: Lair of Kaos (Chapter 22)
Number of recruits: 22-26 Skylanders
; (Moderate)
Training Facility: Heroic Challenges (Character Specific)
Maxinum Level: 10
It is recommended for beginners of the series as it will go easy on you. Veterans will not have any problems breezing through the game as much as the casual players can.
For every game of the series, here are the rules that are integrated into every play-through.

  • The game must be played on the highest difficulty. (Either on Hard or Nightmare depending on its availability). 
If you want to play the game on a Nightmare difficulty, you have to complete the game first.

  • When a Skylander is defeated during battle, they are considered to be dead and will not be used again throughout the entire playthrough.
  • You will only recruit one new Skylander in each chapter and it must fill in the elemental spot of your team 
    If your Skylanders already have a level up or additional upgrades in game, it must be reset before further uses. Any Skylander that are recruited and cannot be fit in a full team or elemental spot will be sent to the storage; where it can switch out characters depending on their element and status. e.g. Eruptor can't join the team because Hot Dog is in it. They are both Fire Elementals.
  • Your game will be completed when you finish the final chapter (Success) or you lose all of your Skylanders in your current team (Failure). 
    Adventure Packs levels are optional and can be played before the final chapter. Skylanders can also be recruited from these levels during your playthrough.
    Magic Items can be obtained when unlocking a Adventure Pack level and they are allowed as a optional rule. However in this mode, they can only be used once per play-through, so use wisely. (Optional)

  • You are not allow to switch in any character when a enemy is in your radius or during a fight.
    If an enemy attacks you, you are locked into battle and unable to switch out until you defeat them or or be defeated.

    Examples of a enemy fight includes
    : Battle Gates, Boss Fights, Arena Battles, Chompy Attack and Octane Combat such as turrets sections (Vehicle sections in Superchargers also counts as Octane Combat).

    You can change characters before and after the fight during the level. If you somehow take off the figurine within the enemy radius by accident, place it back onto the portal so you can finish it off with it. You will get no penalties for this accident unless it was voluntary.

Repose Clause
When you have a large collection, you are bound to come across two of the same characters but in different poses and functions. For this challenge, you cannot revive your Skylander by playing as his repose after their defeat. However, you can decide which iteration you want to play as by their design, upgrades and position. Variations such as Lightcores, Minis, Legendaries, Dark Edition, Holiday and Eon's Elite can fall into this clause as well.

Speaking of Eon's Elites, you can only get one for each individual play-through and must be recruited in the game they are introduced in. (Trap Team, Superchargers and Imaginators). .
Legacy Run is all one Playthrough, not the collection of individual ones and the elite character must be recruited only in Trap Team as doing so in Superchargers and Imaginators will get them up to Level 20.

It always best to mix up in diversity to make the playthrough more exhilarating and memorable. It will also give you a great way to show off your best part of your collection during your play-through

Training Facilities
In some games, there are parts that allows you to gain more levels and money for your Skylanders to level up and buy upgrades, but use these levels sparingly as these can only be used one time after each chapter of the game.
For Heroic Challenges, you can do it to get additional stats; ala Individual Values stats, but it has to be for a character that is associate with.
E.g. Camo with Flip the Script! and Tree Rex with S.A.B.R.I.N.A.

The only limit is your collection.
The limit of how many Skylanders will be on your team and storage will depend on your entire collection. 
If you have a diverse roster of elemental characters to fill in each spot, then you are limited from 3 to 8 spaces.
You can even go with 10 spaces if you have the Dark and Light Skylanders

If you do not have a diversity of elements in your collection, then you are only limited to how many elements you have, so your team of SpyrosEruptors and Stealth Elves will not be allowed to fill in multiple spots unless they are from different element and No! "Dark EditionSkylanders does not count as "DarkSkylanders.

Generally, it is like a Pokemon Nuzlocke as it will challenge the player to use their knowledge and skills of the characters accordingly to survive and how far they will go before the end of their play-through. Will the player succeed getting through the entire game with the remaining Skylanders or have their party completely wiped out with something malicious and fatal.

For this franchise, these games have the same rules as the first, but some games have more rules than others.
For this challenge, you are allowed to pick one of these games to start your Eon Emblem with.
If you want, you can do a Legacy Run to run through the entire series with the remaining team from one play-through to another, but we will talk about it later.

       [Image: lgHz5Jr.png]                                                              [Image: 4s7J3kw.png]    
Final Chapter: Bringing order to Kaos (Chapter 16)               Final Chapter: Cloudbreak Core (Chapter 17)
Number of recruits: 16-20 Skylanders                                    Number of recruits: 17-19 Skylanders
Difficulty: Hard; (Moderate), Nightmare; (Hard)                  Difficulty: Hard; (Moderate), Nightmare; (Hard)
Training Facilities: Brocks Arena Challenges                         Training Facilities: Arena Challenges
Maxinum Level: 15                                                                    Maxinum Level: 20

Giants and Swap Force have the same applied rules as Spyro's Adventures but for this challenge, you will be limited to one gimmick-lander of your choice. 

Gimmick-Lander Clause
In Giants, When it died, another Giant from your collection will take its place in a different free elemental spot.
After its defeat, Tree Rex will be replaced by a life core Skylander and Hot Head will be switch in if there is not giant in your team. Hot Head can be either switch with another current Fire Skylander or fill in a empty space at the hub-world depending on the situation.
This rule will be carried over to other games but the limit of these characters will be raised by one space.
So if you are going to play Swap Force, you are now permitted to have 2 gimmick-landers in your team. 
You can either have 2 Giants, 2 Swappables or one each.

Swappable Character Clause
A swappable character can be in any combination during the play-through.
When a combined character have been defeated, both parts are no longer usable during the playthrough.

[Image: zSmXf64.png]

Final Chapter: The Ultimate Weapon (Chapter 18)
Number of recruits: 18-22 Skylanders
DifficultyHard; (Pretty Hard), Nightmare; (Holy Sheep!)
Training Facilities: Kaos Doom Challenges, Arena Challenges
Maxinum Level: 20
In Trap Team, the rules are the same as its predecessors (You are permitted to use 3 Gimmick-landers each time) but you will need to use the Traptanium Portal to play it as it introduces traps. 
They are not normally allowed in a normal play-through of this game but there is a fun, optional rule that has been taken inspirations from the Wedlocke play-throughs that can use the gimmick. That rule is known as "Traplocke"

Traplocke (Optional)

Traplocke is a optional rule where villains can be playable by linking with the Skylander that are captured by with Traps; small toys that came during Trap Team's release that can trap bosses inside.
You must catch only one villain each chapter and you can decide whenever you want to use the trap on the villain in the level you are in or save the trap for the later villain in another chapter. 

The traps do not need to be elementally aligned with the Skylander as it will build up diversity and strategies for your team.

Villain Clause
The rules of the captured villain have the same aspects as a normal Skylander rules but the only difference that made them situational is they can be tagged into battle manually and has its timer to tell you how much does it have left until it is sent in the trap again. 

In this challenge, you have to be as your villain after summon until the timer runs out, then you have to wait until the timer gets to full again.
Even when 1/3 of the bar is filled, you still need to wait for the full bar to summon again. It will give you a shield for a moderate period of time so try and summon them in the most crucial moment.
When the linked Skylander is defeated, the trap that the villain was caught in will be unusable until it can be used to trap a villain again; emptying its old villain for a new one.
How many dungeons do you have in your castle?
The limit of how many traps you will need will vary depending on your inventory. If you have one trap of every element, then it will not be a problem. However, if you do not have the diverse elements of traps, you can allow yourself to get 5 lifes and 5 waters or 3 lifes, 4 waters and 3 fires. However, you are only limited on 8 to 10 traps in your play-through depending on how many spots you can fill on the Skylanders behalf.
Variant/Evolved Villain Clause
If you have a trap that has a variant or evolved version of that villain, you can keep using it as it may considered to be a "Shiny Clause". 

However, you are only permitted to one of these variation for the entire play-through. Any trap that contain the villain should be replaced by the same elemental trap that does not contain that variation. 

Furthermore, you are not allowed to take part in redemption quests to gain its evolved form.

[Image: I5XO0eG.png]

Final Chapter: Sky Eater (Level 13/ Chapter 47/51)
Number of recruits: 13 Skylanders
Difficulty: Hard; (Hard), Nightmare; (Ludicrous)
Training Facilities: Greeble Dispenser (Hub World)
Maxinum Level: 20

Again, the rules are the same but for the majority of the game, you will need a land vehicle. 
(Its just the game design, not my volition). 
Vehicles such as Sky and Sea are allowed to be in the play-through for getting side content but you must reset them into their original state and you must never take on challenges that will give your Superchargers (one of the 4 gimmick-landers you are allowed to use) and vehicles boost in stats. That includes Buzz's Quests and Supercharged Challenges.

Magic Items are now decorations
When you use a magic item in this game, it has turned into a legendary treasure to be placed around in your academy. Because of this feature, these and Adventure/Battle Pack figures cannot be used in this play-through. Traps are also out of the question.

[Image: DgyUcUF.png]
Final Chapter: The Lair of Kaos (Level 10)
Number of recruits: 10-15 Skylanders
DifficultyHard; (Normal), Nightmare; (Hard... Ludicrous if you handling it with cores)
Training Facilities: Arena
Maxinum Level: 20

While Imaginators have the same rules as its predecessors, this game is notorious for being the hardest for the core Skylanders as well as past Gimmick-landers. Because of the unfair character balance, Senseis are considered to be the most viable to use in this play-through. (Unfortunately, you are allow to use five of the gimmick-landers as oppose to the large team of Senseis, which can be pointless for the challenge.) 

Due to the fact that 10 of the 25 levels are Senseis Elemental Realms and you are only allowed to use 5 gimmick-landers each time that cannot be defeated easily, these levels are not allowed in the challenge. They are not even good anyway.
Senseis are not allow to unlock their Ski-Chi from Sensei shrines throughout the game as they are already strong enough to get through the game by themselves without it.

Magic Items gives you money
When you use a magic item in this game, it will give you a large amount of money. because of this quick cash exploit, this is not allowed in the entire play-through.

Imaginators and Kaos is banned from this game entirety due to their ascension to higher levels and have very overpowered upgrades.

Legacy Run! (Optional) It is recommended to have 100+ different characters in your collection!
In this run, you will go through the entire series from Spyro's Adventure to Imaginators. If you want to start a new play-through with your surviving team?
You can transfer your previous team into a new play-through of another game without necessary resetting them.
I understand that you have worked hard for your maxed Skylanders and do not wished to reset it, but there is a way to back up your hard work before taking on Eon Emblem. Search SkyDumper on Youtube and you will find a video about resetting a creation crystal.
If you download the program and follow the instructions carefully, you will back up your data easily.
It is CRUCIAL for any seasoned Portal Master to do before resetting your characters.

Portal Masters!
Are you daring enough to traverse through Skylands one more time while having pressure and guilt over your shoulders of your soon to be dead champions? Are you up for the thrill of the hunt? Are you All Fired Up!?
Then go and make Master Eon proud by showing off your keys to survival and dedication by taking on this brutal trail of Eon Emblem. Lets see how long you will survive.

This is in its alpha stage so feel free to leave any questions or interests in the comments below and be sure to share your Eon Emblem play-through with the community. Do not forget to have fun and enjoy.

"Check out Skylanders Traplocke! A new way to play Trap Team."
It's in the Trap Team forums. Duh.

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