Skylands Academy Forum Grand Opening
Buzz Wrote:As head of security and secret ninja commando operations, let me welcome you to the grand opening of the Skylands Academy! I officially dedicate this forum to the Skylanders!

[Image: f37c397afda8eb64b30f7a5dd71c63f8.png]

Hello, fellow Portal Masters, this is CrystalBlazier here. Announcing and opening my new Skylanders forum in honor of the upcoming television series, Skylanders Academy.

It is not much now, but I'm sure this forum will grow overtime. Smile
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Congratulations on your launch!!!  May these forums enlighten Skylander fans of all ages!

~Chris at TFB
Congratulations, I can't wait to see the forum grow overtime Big Grin
Congrats! Hey, I finally managed to get an actual ice-related name Tongue Hoping this forum will go far!
Bröther may I have some elïxïr jüice
Me too! Thanks, guys! Big Grin
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
Sounds pretty cool. I'm all in. ;3
Gotta say crystalblazer you worked hard on this forum dang were gonna have fun
Peekaboo I fart on you 
I'm quite interested I'm happy to see this place let's hope it grows well.
Woooo! So nice to see a fresh community. Hopefully we can all grow with it and help build it into a fun, mature, and amazing place.
Good job, hope this place grows and stays a nice place for Skylanders fans as long as possible.

Here's a suggestion: You could use this wallpaper I made a while ago and use it as the background of the forum, to add a bit more colors. Up to you!
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Congratulations on your launch! Good luck!
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Congratulations! good luck with the forum, looking forward to the future!
will it be cool if spyro meet cyender in season 2 or 3?

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