Original Skylander: Nightbite!
I figured I'd crosspost and share this guy here! I sculpted him back during Skylanders Giants and he's gotten some movement around the internet since then. I made him with super-sculpy and he is painted with acrylic paints!

[Image: nightbite2_by_weremagnus-d65zfx7.jpg]

"By the bite of the moon!"

Nightbite was once a drow hunter who was sent on many errands for the drow King to track and trap many of Skyland's most elusive creatures. While he was tasked to capture a mysterious beast that had been terrorizing the King's sheep, he managed to corner his quarry when suddenly the monstrous animal sneezed in his face. Nightbite got very sick the following full moon and awoke the next morning covered in fur and claws! Though the drow chased him out of their realm, Nightbite found friends among the other undead Skylanders who didn't mind his hairy condition.


Basic Abilities: Dark Howl (Ranged), Claw Strike (Melee)
Soul Gem: Barking Mad (Howl attacks disorient enemies, causing them to attack one another temporarily)

Basic Upgrades: 
  • Lunar Howl (Dark Howl's damage increases)
  • Tooth n' Claw (Add's a third combo Bite to Claw Strike )
  • Run with the Pack (Bound forward quickly)
  • Ears Ringing (Dark Howl leaves enemies temporarily stunned)

Moon Maestro (Dark Howl path)

  • Sound Travels (Dark Howl reaches further)
  • Howlwave (Howling causes a radial burst of moon light around Nightbite)
  • Twinkle Trauma (Howlwave leaves Nightbite surrounded in a radius of starry mines)

Wild Hunter (Claw Strike path)

  • Dine and Dash (Nightbite can claw and bite while using Run with the Pack)
  • Dire Strike (Claw Strike does increased damage)
  • Nocturnal Armor (Metal-plating on gear increases Nightbite's defence)
[Image: shwigityshwonshwei.png]
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I remember this guy! I love him X3
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I remember your Skylander Nightbite. I'm a fan of your character also you even made his own figure.
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I remember seeing him in dA as well. I think you were one of the users that inspired me to start doing customs myself, though I have to deal with unwieldy Fimo. Still looks as cool as always.
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WOW! Mate, that is BRILLIANTLY!!
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Signing out!

Thanks guys!

Once Imaginators is out I'm going to see how closely I can recreate him with the new Skylander building tools for sure Smile
[Image: shwigityshwonshwei.png]
I'm an awful, little, red dragon!

I've remember seeing this guy on devantart. along with the other Skylanders from Mad Project, very nice character.

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