Roleplayers come tell us who you rp!
Just what the title says, I want to know who everyone is willing to roleplay! Also I'll just leave my OC's story here if anyone wants to plan something
(Very long):


If you want more on my oc I have a rp blog here
Oh, I see how this works... Very well, then... MY TURN!

Name/Title: The Primordial Clok-Roo [Clok-Roo]
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Role: Villain

Maniacal and viscous, but also cool calm and collected. When outraged, he is prone to becoming over aggressive in his vile nature. Also smart and calculated, making him a dreaded opponent... And also slightly mad.

The Primordial Clok-Roo is one of the most evil creatures in all of Skylands! Little is known about him, except that he just showed up and started wrecking havoc. Many a Skylander have faced him, but no matter how many he faces he always comes back... and tougher than ever.
Despite being viewed as a villain, he has shown signs of taking on other evil-doers in Skylands, claiming that he is showing the "bottom of the barrel rank amateur losers" how it's done.
Clok-Roo isn't someone who should be taken lightly. There is no telling what he could be doing at any given time...

A giant metal sword, which oddly looks like a metal tail feather. Even so, it is razor sharp and shouldn't be taken lightly.

  • Metal Wings - Not only do the wings grant him flight, but they are strong enough to reflect attacks and even block elements.
  • Robotic Eyes - Though they don't aid in combat, his eyes allow him to zone in on targets at a distance.
  • Synthetic Voice - Not an ability, but it suggests he may be robotic. In truth, he is a cyborg...
  • Kaos - Clok-Roo sees Kaos as nothing short of a loser. Even so, he knows that it is unwise to mess with him without tact.
  • Skylanders - Clok-Roo really doesn't like and is incredibly jealous of the Skylanders... or at least, most of them. Some Skylanders, like Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl, he seems to treat with utmost respect. Regardless of whoever is his Skylander opponent, he takes on every single one; channeling his jealousy into fuel for his motivation.
  • The Darkness - Clok-Roo is an admirer of The Darkness. But Clok-Roo is no fool; he isn't afraid to turn on The Darkness should the need arise for his own gain.

What's the matter? Not the character you were expecting?
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

RoH Name: Clok-Roo
Name/Title: Neon the Atomic Dragon
Age: 20+ years old
Gender: Male
Role: Hero/ Vigilante

Neon can be rather cocky but knows when to humble himself and/or when he's in over his. He likes doing good, being active and feeling free and likes to travel and fly beating up on bad guys. he loves talking to people whom he is a fan of.

Neon is not native to Skylands. He comes from the same World as Spyro but lived among other dragons in the city of Scalene. Neon has a twin sister and younger brother and lived with a human Apollo. Neon would often at times go with Apollo to perform experiments and study the cosmos and they would enjoy their time together and loved his brother and sister very much.
Suddenly one day during an experiment involving teleportation, a portal opened up and sucked in Neon along with a bag of Apollos blue prints and cosmic schematics. He ended up in Skylands and was approached by Spyro and other Skylanders. He joined the Skylanders but has yet to find a way to contact his family and friend that he misses very much.

Weaponry: Neon has his own vehicle created by Apollo. It's called Lighting Stream and can be driven on Land, water, and air.
he also has accessories he can latch on to his front paws and wings to help him fight and fly more efficiently.

Abilities:Neon can breath Electricity, uses the star at the end of his tail as a shuriken, can flash ignored to confuse enemies and can even cause a powerful explosion around himself that can damage him severely.

Neon has two siblings that he has grown up with and loves them a lot. He's probably the most immature of the three of them but still cares and helps them a lot.

Apollo: Apollo is like a father to Neon. He educated him and watched over him and his siblings since they were eggs. Neon admires Apollo a lot and owes a lot to Apollo often at times calling him dad.

Spyro: Spyro had heard of Spyro back on their homeworld and is a huge fan of him. When he finally got to meet him in person when he entered Skylands, Neon was super excited and hung out with Spyro a lot and even learned new fighting tactics from the purple dragon.

Flashwing and Whirlwind: These two Skylanders really tickled Neon's fancy when he joined. He flirts with them constantly and even managed to go on a date with both of them but has yet to actually "tie the knot" with either of them.

Master Eon: He reminds Neon of Apollo a lot and even thought he has met a future version of Apollo when they first met. he admires Eon and has a lot of trust in him.

Kaos:Neon finds Kaos to not be much of threat and almost never takes him seriously. Even when Kaos pulls off the most daring and treating of feats and attacks, Neon will more than likely be shrugging it off knowing he and the other skylanders can handle him.

(This took forever and also have some artistic representations of Skylander Neon.)
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Name: inferno
Role: both hero and villain

Personality: somewhat selfish and arrogant, only respects thouse who agree that he is the best.

Bio: inferno was the older son of a family that ran an organization (called the villens, it's suposed to be spelt wrong)that would ,in some way, give villains redemption. His younger brother (hecter) was more apriciated than inferno and this lead to inferno being overcome with jealousy.he betray the villens and went to a faction called the hero's who were hunting these villains. He gave them lots of information and convinced them that the villens were actually an organization that gathered all crimals to rise up and defeat the heros. The heros then waged war with the villens. Inferno once again switched sides to the villens due to having methods that did not suit the heros. At this point hecter was the leader of the villens and although his team did not want him, hecter welcomed inferno back to the team, after all it's where villains go for redemption . Inferno switched sides constantly but never the less he was still a villen at heart.

Weaponry: fire blaster, moded fire sword with launching rockets

Abilitys:changes fire blaster to a flame thrower also very charismatic.
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Name/Title: Dash Twisterstorm (Dalton)
Age: 18+ Years Old (13 in SSA)
Gender: Male
Role: Neutral (Savior)

Dash is somewhat arrogant over his selfless personality and can get cocky if he's not taking things seriously. Other than that, he's more of a serious veteran who is young at heart. Other than he is repaying it's friends debts with gratitude or just want to relax after a long trip. Overall, he's a laid-back guy who gets right down on it when he's needed. However, it is probably best to not enrage or made him shocked. Even worst, making him think about his dark past.

Bio: Like most of the Portal Masters, Dash comes from Earth, His home that consist no Magic and focused on Logic. But when the Skylanders was banished to his backyard, He's started to hear some voices and use the figures that can talk telepathy on the Portal of Power. With a simple touch, Dash was sent to Skylands, Where he come across Master Eon. He has summoned Dash for a reason that many Portal Masters believed as he is the one that can take down Kaos. Dalton said it's just pioneering work but alongside with faithful friends like Spyro, (which he know of somewhere before), Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt, they have built the Core of Light to send Kaos packing. Afterwards the Skylanders wanted him to stay with them so they made a part of Skylands for him to called home. He decided to stay there for a while to help them out by Getting the name "Dash Twisterstorm" After years and years of hard work of saving Mabus one by one and Stopping some of Kao's plans from many stakes like Arkeyans, Evilized Animals, His Mom, The Doom Raiders, The Darkness, the list goes on. Dash have been known to be as a veteran of leading his pack as he is a summoner and a hero. Preferably he doesn't want to be called a Hero but he would be called a Savoir of Skylands. But after all that, there is another side of him that we might want to save it for another time.

Weaponry: Legendary Gem: By using the gem, He will transform into any element that matches the zone of a particular level. The Gem is not really in used but the gem was used during his fight of Kao's Mother when he used it to transform into his Dark Counterpart, an uncontrollable powerful form that can make evil shivers in fear by his roars. It only lasted for a short time after his transformation and it is very hard to change back to it.

Abilities: Dark Transformation (Via Legendary Gem) Summoning Skylanders, Using Magic Items, Capture villains with Traptanium, Create Imaginators (Via Creation Crystals and Imaginite) and Magic Spells (Limited and Short)

Strength & Weaknesses: As a Portal Master, he has variety of uses on the Elements but don't actually use them often. Dash however can be a hard foe to take down. His greatest strength is his allies and even without them, he still picks up the fight. However like everybody, Dash has multiple Weaknesses. One is a Trigger Word that was banned in Skylands after the academy was built, Second is his unbalanced reactions to unfair fights and finally he's very vulnerable to Dark Magic. Even with all of that, His anger point is the one thing that he needs to keep to himself if he wants to live another day.

As a veteran, Dash has many friends to comeback at his disposals of his army.

Master Eon: Like his respect with the Skylanders, He and Eon has a close relationship as he is a apprentice. Even he was never appear when the core is destroyed, He still felt the pain that Eon has dealt to get to him. He will try everything he can to save anything as Eon command.

Spyro: Dash really do know him back on Earth. They really hit each other off real nice. Spyro is like Dash's best friend that never betrays each other.

Crash & Cortex: Dash only know Crash a little bit back at home. But when they get to Skylands, Dash became a great acquaintances to Crash Bandicoot. Even though Dash sees Dr. Neo Cortex as a enemy of Crash, He will always remember that a enemy of a friend is a friend of Dash.

Ninjini: Dash and Ninjini has somewhat of a love relationship towards each other. Ninjini is the one to actually ask him out back in Trap Team. For a while they been thinking about many places they like to go through. Even though you've seen them as friends but there is love that binds them closer.

Flynn: Dash has always a hit and miss on him. Hit because Flynn can be a humble friend even if he's being to humble, Miss because of his gloat of his selfish acts of taking all the credits from Dash. Even with the miss, They remain great friends. Dash didn't like the idea of exchanging a Balloon for a ship as he prefer it better

Snap-Shot: Dash has a great Relationship with Snap Shot. They both trap villains and they can fend off evil with their own crystal weapons. As Portal Masters and Trap Masters go, they make a great duo to each other.

Spitfire: Although Dash prefer fighting more than racing, Spitfire wanted to be his friends and they are. Spitfire is even so generous to let Dash ride his Hot Streak. The outcome is not good though as he doesn't know how to drive. They have a good relationship

Golden Queen: Somehow Dash has somewhat of a grudge for her when it comes of being both a Villain and a Sensei. He always ask why does she really want gold when she can actually make anything gold. He really hit off well with the Doom Raiders (especially The Gulper) but him and the Golden Queen really need to do more talking. She's on the part to tell him why he have a portal in the first place.

Kaossandra: Like Kaos, Dash did not take her seriously but will not underestimated her Dalton plays off smoothly on her before she commence fighting on him. Dash wanted to be friendly to her since she's a lady and he can't break his politeness. The battle is tough and right after dealing with a lot of Dark Damage, He turn into his Dark Form for a couple of minutes. It ran out on him and it sounds like he's cornered. He noticed about the mirror behind him as she zapped it by the time he moved. Dalton tells her that she's right about the battle he won't forget and he never did.

Tessa: Although Dash is distant from her on his third journey, He wanted to be around her. When she was captured by Kaossandra, He's determined to get her back to Woodburrow to make her the upcoming chieftain. For her sake, Dash became her noble bodyguard.

Buzz: Both of them is really on the same topic over each other. One of them wanted to be the leader so they shared one. Dash has a thought of how Buzz and Flynn is related. He thinks they might eat the same food but he thought about Sharpfin. Eitherway, They maintain a good relationship

Sharpfin: Dash is very interested of what Sharpfin do for a living. Sharpfin tells everything he knows about being a Baron and Dash has never gotten tired of it. Sharpfin and Dash has a great relationship.

Mags: Dash have somewhat despise her for being too annoying. That one time that he thought she said his Trigger Word. Even with a bad relationship, He wanted to give this one another go since she's a inventor of 87 million inventions and maybe one of them can help him. But he's not looking help from her in any day.

Kaos: Like most of his friends, Dash takes Kaos as a obstacle rather than a real threat to Skylands. Every plan as he thought, Dash finds another way due of his cockyness. That drives Kaos mad of how many plans he have foiled by just being in his way. Although he takes Kaos as a joke, Dash never EVER underestimate him. if Kaos have showed off his true twist to his plan, Dash will come over there, beat him and put him into time out.
Name: Midnight Dragonfire (true name is unknown)
Age: 16 (she was 13 when she joined the team)
Gender: female
Role: Skylander

Personality: Midnight usually prefers her own company as well as solitude. But she is usually kind and caring to her friends. But when she sees her friends getting threatened, she gets all steamed up. She also loves a good laugh as well.

Bio: Midnight was first seen after the Skylanders Academy was under attack by Kaos. The rift he created nearly sucked in the Academy, but, fortunately, narrowly escaped. Two days later, another rift opened in the sky, but it was not from the Sky Eater. Instead, a bright blue meteor came flying right past the Skylanders Academy, nearly crashing into it, but instead crashing on a nearby island instead. Eon sent some of the Skylanders, one being Spyro, to observe the crash site. In the center of the crater was a black dragon with dark blue eyes and bright blue markings all over her body. She had no idea where she was, until she came face to face with Spyro the purple dragon. The Skylanders soon took the dragon to Eon back at the Academy. He explained to her what happened and thought of an idea to send Midnight back to her homeworld. But Midnight insisted to stay in Skylands where she was accepted by the Skylanders as one of their own.

Strengths and weaknesses: Even though she is one of the more younger members on the team, Midnight can be a hard opponent to fight with. Her strength is her intelligence and powers, while her weakness is loss. Though sometimes she prefers to work alone, she also finds another one of her weaknesses is working alone.

Weapon: She has no handheld weapon on her. But being a dragon, her main weapon is her blue fire breath.

Abilities: Mastering the Element of Fire, Midnight has the ability to control and manipulate heat and flames. She can also breathe a massive stream of blazing blue fire from her mouth. Her wings can also produce heatwaves when she flaps them.


Master Eon: Midnight treats Master Eon with her utmost respect. She usually does everything she can to protect him and he does the same to Midnight. They have a very close relationship.

Spyro: Midnight and Spyro are often very close to each other and never let each other down. Probably because Spyro was the Skylander that recruited Midnight to the Skylanders. They fight alongside each other all the time, and train together.

Cynder: Midnight and Cynder have a sister-like relationship. Cynder is one of the only Skylanders who understands Midnight's solitude, as she had hardly any friends back at her homeworld.

Spitfire: Midnight has always been best friends with Spitfire ever since the SuperChargers joined. She seems very close to most SuperChargers, but Spitfire is one of her closest friends.

King Pen: One of the Skylanders Midnight likes to hang out with the most, these two are also very good friends. They enjoy training with each other and practicing their fighting skills.

Flynn: Midnight might be the only one who seems to laugh at Flynn's conceitedness, as she somewhat finds him to be kind of a funny guy. Although Flynn sometimes tries to share his enchiladas with Midnight, she passes but the two always love a good laugh.

Kaos: Midnight usually sees Kaos as nothing more than a nuisance. But however, she does not underestimate him. She still kinda forgives him after The Darkness took away his powers and temporarily became the Ultimate Evil Consultant after the SuperChargers beat The Darkness.

Other Skylanders: Midnight loves being a Skylander. Before she was sent to Skylands, Midnight had hardly any friends. But now as a Skylander, she has hundreds of friends that she enjoys hanging out with.
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So... when are these whole charecter creations rp come into play, cause its been quite awhile.
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Name: Barrysun
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Role: Hero, Portal master/Pokemon trainer

Personality: a hard worker and likes to get things done. plus he's often Quite unless get interacted with.

bio: a rather outgoing guy who enjoys adventures with Skylanders and Pokemon.
as a Pokemon Trainer, he's been though quite alot, battling other trainers, Catching Pokemon, defeating evil organisation, gym leaders, and even legendary Pokemon.
when the Skylanders were banish to earth, at first, he thought them as odd figurines and decided to find where they came from. when Master Eon first contacted him, Hector has begun traping the seekers and was introduced to the Skylanders.
being a Pokemon trainer, he had little to no problem commanding the Skylanders dued to his experience with Pokemon.
after Hector's defeat, he also battle Kaos for the first time during his time in Skylanderss. (plus while being introduced the different realms between normal and 3DS) and became one of the newest portal masters to help Skylannds safe from the forces of evil.

Weapons and abilities: as a Portal master and a Pokemon Trainer, barrysun commands a rather large army of Skylanderss and sometimes like to show off his current Skylanders collection. he also have alot of Pokemon for extra commanding.

Master Eon: one of the first people who introduced him to the Skylanders. he often viewed him as a mentor Portal master.

Spyro/Dark Spyro: one of the first three Skylanders he got introduced. Dark Spyro seemed sinister at first, but manage to become good friends with him.

Stealth Elf: the second of the tree Skylanders. Barrysun often relies on her speed to catch speeding enemies and escape from Hector's rampage.

Ignitor: the 3rd of the starter Skylanders. often have him being the main power house against Hector's minions.
and Barrysun wished him luck that one day,, he'll find the witch whom gave him the cursed armor in the first place

Chill: one of the newer Skylanders Barrysun became best friends with. during most of the adventures, he'll often call her for an adventuring party. she's also one of the main Skylanders Barrysun leaded to capturing the Golden Queen.

Tree Rex: for the second adventure, Barrysun often relies on his brute strength stampede to clear enemies in the way and pounding the ground to send his enemies flying into the air.

Roller brawl: Barrysun became friends with her during the 3rd adventure. at first he thought she was creepy but quickly know better not to piss her off, like Kaos did with her brothers. he often relies on her speed to lead the other Skylanders to battle.

Bumble blast: one of the most 'broken' Skylanders Barrysun has ever met, with his bees always homing in on his enemies,
Barrysun often calls on him if a mission started to get too difficult to handle.

Flynn: when he first met Flynn, he often has a hard time taking him seriously during his adventures in Skylands, often hearing him brag about being the best pilot in all of skylands, a ladies man, and later, a gluten. sometime he gets rather annoyed by him. but he does proves to be a reliable ally.

Cali: one of the more serious helpers in skylands. and during his early adventures, Cali offered a chance to help train the Skylanders. Barrysun would often accepts her challenge to try and beat all her challenges with every Skylanders.

Brock: when Barrysun first encountered Brock, he was at first, a bully who used Ermit as bait to lure the Skylanders into his battle arena to entertain his audience of other Drow. after defeating him, Brock apologiesd for his actions but did offer arena battle challenges, which alows Barrysun to train up his Skylanders even more.
Age: 14
Role: Portal Master, Skylander
Personality: A mix of Coward, Nice Guy, and a kid with anger problems
Bio: Luke was a homeless kid, He was bullied, starved, Robbed, but he helped out any way he could, Eventually he broke into a store and saw a Skylanders Portal and was teleported to the Skylanders world, falling onto an island with Red Crystals all over it, it impaled his arm and gave him an Element power what was gone for centuries, and he falls off the island after-words, Then somebody (You choose) saves his butt from infinite falling (more in rp)
Name; Cerena
Age; 13
Role; portal master, Natural
Personality; Nice,kind,sometimes cocky
Theme Song;

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