Seeking help to gather missing information
Anyone that has been following the Skylanders Wiki in the past few days may have noticed that someone has been adding lots and lots of information regarding Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing to the site... well, that is me! (No surprise, really. I mean, the guy making the edits has the same name and profile pic as I do, so we HAVE to be the same person!)
I'm filling in the blanks on the Wiki about the game that no-one else seems to be doing. I've got most of the information, particularly about the games tracks and levels, and I have lots about the racers and vehicles... but I need help in order to finish it all off.

I'm seeking your assistance in working out what the stat numbers are for the drivers and vehicles. For now, I want to focus on the drivers - including the members of Eon's Elite. You don't need to find the exact stat number - I've got that all covered - I just need your help in knowing who has what stat in relation to someone-else.
In other words:

I need you to tell me which SuperChargers share the same value for the same stat, or where a Superchargers stat lies in an order for that one stat.

Still confused? Don't worry, so am I. Here, I'll give you some short examples of what I mean:
NOTE: All of these stats are true at Level 20. It would help me if you did the same.
  • Spitfire, Splat, and Super Shot Stealth Elf all have the same Top Speed stat. Dive-Clops' same stat is greater than theirs, but is lower than Deep Dive Gill Grunt's.
  • Astroblast, Elite Stealth Elf and Double Dare Trigger Happy all have the same Acceleration stat. This same stat lies between Bone Bash Roller Brawl and Elite Boomer.
  • Splat and Elite Boomer have the same Handling stat, which is less than Bone Bash Roller Brawl's who shares this same stat with Deep Dive Gill Grunt.
  • Spitfire, Elite Stealth Elf and Deep Dive Gill Grunt all have the same Firepower stat. This stat lies between Bone Bash Roller Brawl and Double Dare Trigger Happy.
  • Hammer Slam Bowser and Dive-Clops have the highest possible Armour stat.
It would also help if you gave me an order for that Skylanders stats, like so:
  • Splat: Top Speed < Firepower = Armour < Handling < Acceleration = 20
  • Astroblast: Handling < Firepower < Armour < Acceleration < Top Speed = 20
  • Double Dare Trigger Happy: Armour < Handling < Top Speed < Acceleration < Firepower
Now, what exactly can you do to help me?
  • 3DS users can just load a bunch of Skylanders into the game, re-arranging them around to get an idea for who has what stat in relation to who. Nintendo Wii owners will need to add a second player to the game in order to do the same; just add a second Wii remote and then select a level. You can quickly add and remove characters to re-arrange them around.
  • Some characters have stats that are of the value 20. To find out who, either add Skylanders than I have confirmed to have the maximum value or add villains to the roster. With the exception of Kaos, their lowest value is also equal to 20.
    To help you out, these Skylanders have maximum values:
    • Top Speed: Astroblast
    • Acceleration: Spitfire, Splat
    • Handling: Super Shot Stealth Elf, Elite Stealth Elf
    • Firepower: Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, Elite Boomer
    • Armour: Dive-Clops, Hammer Slam Bowser
  • I worked out my stats when my Skylanders were Level 20. For consistency, it would help me out a lot if you did the same. Don't worry, it is actually pretty easy to level up your Skylanders - and vehicles - in SuperChargers Racing.
  • Post here which Skylanders share the same values and what the exact order of a single Skylanders stats are. Doing so will help me tremendously.

Since I have already done the villains, I don't need help with them. I will need help with the Skylanders - including the Elite's. It also seems that Dark and Legendary variants of Skylanders have better stats than their normal counterparts, so I'll need them too.
Here's a checklist for each Skylander to mark who is entirely complete. Those that have been crossed out like this have been done:
  • Spitfire (Dark Spitfire)
  • Lava Lance Eruptor
  • Hammer Slam Bowser (Dark Hammer Slam Bowser)
  • Elite Eruptor
  • Super Shot Stealth Elf (Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf)
  • Thrillipede
  • Turbo Charge Donkey Kong (Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong)
  • Elite Stealth Elf
  • Elite Camo
  • Stormblade
  • Hurricane Jet-Vac (Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac)
  • Elite Whirlwind
  • Dive-Clops
  • Deep Dive Gill Grunt
  • Elite Gill Grunt
  • Elite Slam Bam
  • Fiesta
  • Bone Bash Roller Brawl (Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl)
  • Elite Chop Chop
  • Elite Ghost Roaster
  • Splat
  • Big Bubble Pop Fizz
  • Elite Spyro
  • Elite Voodood
  • High Volt
  • Double Dare Trigger Happy
  • Elite Trigger Happy
  • Elite Boomer
  • Smash Hit
  • Shark Shooter Terrafin
  • Elite Terrafin
  • Elite Dino-Rang
  • Astroblast (Legendary Astroblast)
  • Nightfall
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