I started Skylanders with Giants
Since this section is empty, I thought I'd go with my story of how I started Skylanders, even if there might already be a topic somewhere for that:

I started Skylanders with Giants. Somehow, I had never heard of Skylanders or seen the figures in store before November 2012. Before Christmas 2012, I was looking for a gift in advance for my younger cousins, asked my aunt about what they were interested in and she said Skylanders. I went in store, saw the figures and starter packs and was quite intrigued by the concept. I bought a Giants starter pack plus a few figures and was supposed to keep them boxed until giving them, but I was so curious that I unboxed everything and played the game. I fell in love with the game, and started the Skylanders Giants music channel shortly after since I was really liking the music too. I bought a few more characters, planning to give them all at Christmas anyway (I know giving a game and toys not in their original packaging sounds bad but my cousins did not care).

A few days after the holidays, I missed the game, so I bought the Starter and the same figures again. I told myself I would only get 1 character of each Element. Then I said I would get 1 version of each character released until that point. Then I had all toys released since SSA, of course. So that was pretty much my story. Giants is more special to me than the other games simply because it was the first entry I played.
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Same I started when my friend showed me Giants and I really liked the game... And cause there was spyro in it, so I got the starter pack along with s2 spyro and that's pretty much it.
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I started with giants as well here's the story. I was walking around my house looking for Doritos (don't ask) when suddenly I found this portal of power on the floor. At first I thought it was somthing minelander made but when I felt it was plastic I knew it wasn't true so after awhile of fooling around with it I noticed the plugin type was the one of those ones that you put in a PS3 or a computer so I put it in the nearest plugin I could find which was minelanders PS3. I was amazed how it lit up and thought that there must be an awesome reason for it so I began looking for any thing new when I spotted the game case with the disc in it, so I put it in de ps3. I was anxious to find out what this was until it said "please place your skylander on the portal of power" then I thought what's a skylander? So I grabbed the disc case and read EVERY SINGLE THING ON THERE so I began looking for these statues when I looked up and found spyro ,a giant tree man, cynder, and an eagle with a gun. I thought that since eagles don't carry guns, this eagle was just rebelling against that by having a gun of his own and I thought that was cool so I put him on the portal and I played the game until minelander kicked me off the PS3 and I was mad at him for 23.4 seconds even though it was his PS3 so I took his poster and saw all the skylander, they looked cool and I really liked ignitor because he was like me ,sort of, not really but he looked the coolest holding his sword like he claimed victory over his haters.
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I have also started with giants. Before I wasn't interested but over time it just grew on me.
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