Custom Battlecast Cards
EDIT: Well, this just got overhauled. Added JPEG's of the cards instead of attachments for cleanliness and presentation. I've also changed/added new cards that weren't present before.

I came up with Custom Battlecast Skylanders... now for Custom Battlecast Cards. Using the unused card art that we were shown, I have created what could have been potential cards for Skylanders: Battlecast.

Here are cards I have created for the what might have been Bad Juju and Coldspear Cyclops character spells, which I have called Mind Control and Ice Breaker respectively.
[Image: 180?cb=20170311122824][Image: 180?cb=20170311122759]

The next few use card art that is more open ended. Hope you like them!
[Image: 180?cb=20170311122623][Image: 180?cb=20170311122648]

More to come in the future! Stay tuned!
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these do look pretty cool
Decided to migrate this from a seperate thread, since I just realised the complete redundancy of having this seperate.

A while back, a scrapped piece of Skylanders: Battlecast artwork was shown depicting Smolderdash, supposing that she was going to be a character you could use in the game. Smolderdash
Unfortunately, due to the sad fate that the game received she never got included, so we will never know what her abilities or character cards could have been.
But that doesn't mean that some-one can't imagine what they could have been!

Below are a pair of mock-up cards I have made for Smolderdash should she have been included into Skylanders: Battlecast, and I think they're pretty good!
Those with eagle eyes may notice that I made a mistake with her character gear - it has the silver border instead of the red one. Silver borders are usually for standard cards while coloured borders are for character cards.
Oh, and you will notice that I used the LightCore Smolderdash artwork instead. Just looks better.

[Image: 180?cb=20170308130307][Image: 180?cb=20170308130337]

Show ContentGameplay:

And now for something extra! I've taken the liberty of recycling the unused original version of the Spyromania into the final card. And I think it looks pretty sweet! Take a look for yourself!
[Image: 180?cb=20170311122845]
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I'm back with some more custom Battlecast cards...
This time however, since there is currently no more unused Battlecast artwork, I've decided to create custom cards for actual characters.

The ones below are for a variant of Hex - basically her Lost Islands counterpart - and a boss Villain card for Bad Juju.

[Image: 180?cb=20170315121858][Image: 180?cb=20170315121917]

And yes, that was best I could come up with for a name of Hex's ability... Witch's Curse was already taken by, well, Hex.
Irony is cruel.

You know, now that I think about it, DAMN I would love to have had Hallows' Eve Hex in Battlecast. I mean, the power to stop healing is an effective one and can cripple pretty much any set. Just look at the fight against Dr. Krankcase and you will know what I mean. It's not without it's faults, though - much like Flashwing, Jet-Vac can easily negate her powers by forcing her out, and snaring another character in doesn't help either. And there is the obvious fact that Hex has VERY little health. 230 HP?! She couldn't possibly last past 4 crystals if kept in!
Ah well, you do what you will.
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Thought I might post this idea here and see how people react to it (that is if people even BOTHER replying!).

I had this idea that Sensei Skylanders in Battlecast - if such a thing were still possible - would have passive effects based on their battle class instead of special abilities like everyone else. All of the effects of a Sensei would last until they are KO'ed, making them a major priority to defeat; the only catch I thought would be balancing was that you can only have ONE Sensei per team, so to not stack up the effects.
Here's a brief list of the effects applied to each Sensei if one had been included... so to speak.


Got any other ideas? Let me know!
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I like the idea. Unless I'm misunderstanding, the last three powers (Ninja, Bazooker, Swashbuckler) seems quite OP compared to the other classes though.
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Well, this is what happens when you start running dry on ideas (because there are 10 classes, so I had to have 10 different benefits... SERIOUSLY?!). But yeah, I acknowledge that some are more broken than others...
There is one other that I have called SENSEI POWER - MASTER, and it is essentially in the case of a Sensei version of Kaos. It's basically an ability version of The Masterpiece, i.e. each ally receives a random benefit. More health; more power; spell damage; reduced damage taken; you know, the usual.
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Nevermind about the powers being OP, I thought you meant "each time you use a card" instead of the physical attack that is used once per turn.
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Oh boy... here comes the big one!
We recently got a massive splurge of Battlecast artwork from out of nowhere - most of which turned out to be unused. And as my previous posts will attest to, I like taking them and turning them into what they possibly could have been. And we got a LOT to go through. I won't go through all of them now, since there are still some to come. These are the ones I have done for now.

The first card you will see uses the Ejection Seat artwork. It's ambiguous what it is intended use is, so I just assumed it as a quick evacuation card to get your frontline ally out. Useful if they are snared and you can't swap them normally.
[Image: 180?cb=20170409131514]

Our next pair of cards are for Fiesta. It was revealed that Fiesta was an intended character for the game that never got added - ironic since I came up with my own idea for a Fiesta playstyle.

Show ContentLink To Thread Here:

So when it came to creating a custom Sinister Symphony card for him, I wanted to stick to the base idea I had of support; the problem was that the card's artwork (and name) seemed more offense oriented. So I came to a compromise and created what is essentially a reverse Leeching Mist... and a powerful one at that. Hey, what do you expect when I make an Epic card that costs 7?
[Image: 180?cb=20170409131731][Image: 180?cb=20170409131808]

Still more to come! Stay tuned!!
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Fiesta's belt in Sinister Symphony has a cartoony bandage - wonder if his gimmick would be self damage for buffs and attacks, kinda like Countdown?
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
Nice observation. That's possible too, and it does fit into the idea of the Undead element.
Maybe he was a blend between Countdown and Food Fight? Self damage, but great buffs to you and your teammates power; very fitting.
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And now for the next batch!
Wow... I've made a LOT lately, huh?

Anyway, these cards are for the scrapped villains: Axecutioner, Mab Lobs and Threatpack.
I came up with the ideas for the powers based mostly upon the names/designs of the artwork.
[Image: 180?cb=20170409131618][Image: 180?cb=20170410100136][Image: 180?cb=20170409131658]

Oh, and here's an extra bonus...
Earlier on, I posted a reworking of the Spyromania card using the original artwork... and I've done it again for Alluring Charm. I even changed it's name to Sinister Lure to match the name of the artwork. Here's a comparison for you to look at!

Original                                             Final
[Image: 180?cb=20170410100211][Image: 206?cb=20160421164615]
OK, so it's not THAT much different to the final design, but it's still worth looking at.
I think I can understand why the colour scheme was changed; the original artwork looks more Fire-like than Undead... Good colour scheme, though.
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The apple was also green; they probably changed to gold so it's not a religious reference but the Apple of Discord from greek mythology.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
I didn't think of that (then again, I didn't know about the Apple of Discord). Several games - surprisingly TCG - have got into trouble in the past for their usage of religious symbols.
PokèMon in particular.

I guess it was an ethical decision to avoid these religious references so to avoid the inevitable religious backlash.
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An Undead character using the Forbidden Fruit(yeah, I know it's not an apple, but to most media it is) would be disastrous in the hands of someone looking for controversy, even in such an obscure franchise. The apple of discord(tl;dr, someone decided to get the big shot goddesses of Olympus to bicker on who's most deserving of it; fast foward some years and goodbye Troy) is much safer and still works in the theme of an hypnotizing trinket.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
Here's a question nobody asks me that I will answer:
Quote:What are the worst cards to make custom versions of?
Easy... character cards - not character spells, ACTUAL character cards!

They are incredibly fiddly and difficult to make look good or even close to the actual real thing. But I persevere and have created some...

For the Sensei's! Take a look at these:

[Image: latest?cb=20170506084310][Image: latest?cb=20170506084354][Image: latest?cb=20170506084448][Image: latest?cb=20170506084516]

You'll notice that I have given them unique abilities, ones that are passive, affect the entire team and stay in effect as long as the Sensei is in play. I.e. not defeated.
Each one - exempting Krankcase - has a great positive, but also a great negative, gearing gameplay towards a specific playstyle.
You'll also notice that I have changed Dr. Krankcase and Wolfgang's power and health respectively... if they had their boss stats, they would be UNBEATABLE in the right hands!

Oh, one more thing for those who are curious:
In my intentions, you can only ever have one Sensei on your team at any given time. So you can't add Wolfgang and Mysticat to make your Snap Shot do ludicrous amounts of damage, for example. (Would be funny, though! Wink)
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Why have I not seen this thread sooner?!?!?! Nice job Primordial Clok-Roo. Battle Cast was SO underrated, I'm still mad at Activision for letting it fall by the wayside. I wish they were made into real cards!
Thanks mate.

Yeah, Battlecast had every reason to be such an amazing and diverse card game, but the team making it just had to be layer off, didn't it?

I feel like a broken record when I say this: I hope someone turns this into a fan-game and gives it regular updates... not to mention add the cards that currently cannot be acquired.
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And I'm back with more custom cards, everyone!
And here I will be finishing off the Sensei roster! Because it felt incomplete to me without one for each element.

Not only that, but I made sure that each one was from a different battle class, hence giving each one it's own unique passive effect.
They're greatly different to how they were originally a few months back, but I like them more now.
Though mind you, coming up with a balanced gimmick for Ninja's and Swashbuckler's was a tough task! But here they are!

[Image: latest?cb=20170530141759][Image: latest?cb=20170530141525][Image: latest?cb=20170530141626][Image: latest?cb=20170530141712]

I probably won't be doing anymore characters for quite some time...
It's almost like they are the Heavy class: "This is just the beginning of the PAIN I will cause you!"

I notice now that only 1 Sensei starts with unmodified power below 40. In fact, when you apply all the power buff's and de-buff's granted by these abilities, only Dr. Krankcase and Mysticat do not have power of 60 or higher. Yikes!
Then again, coming up with custom power and HP stats isn't something I'm terrible good at. I genuinely tried to balance these...

Still, I'm happy with the work I have done.

Now, time to make things fun!

If you have any requests/artwork, let me know and I will convert it into the best Battlecast card I can think of.
I'm open to all requests... just don't expect me to do characters. I've had enough of this pain!!!
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And I've been at it again - this time for user TheRockyDragon.
By no means was this a request... but after they asked if what I can only assume their favourite Skylander, Bash, was in Battlecast, I had to do this!

I've been sitting on this idea for a while, so it only seemed appropriate that I did this for him.
Hope you like it, mate!

Here is the artwork:

[Image: latest?cb=20170619132829]

And you will have noticed that I let Bash's jaw hang over the bottom of the character frame. Normally this doesn't happen, but given Bash's artwork proportions, I kind of had no choice. I think it looks neat!

Want to know how I think he would play?
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Keep 'im coming, Roo~! Big Grin
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
I will do!
Would love to have some quality fan-art that I could use, though. Make some cool new spells/gear/relics with them!

(Unless we get ANOTHER wave of unused Battlecast artwork. At this point that seems unlikely, though.)
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I've been thinking about this idea for a while...
Time to show it off, I think!

Those who know me know that my favourite game in the series in SuperChargers, but why is not relevant here. What IS relevant, however, is this:
One thing that all SuperCharger Skylanders in Battlecast have in common is that they have a spell which is their signature vehicle. Here's the thing - they're not the only Skylanders in the game that have vehicles powered by Rift Engines. Stealth Elf, Roller Brawl, Pop Fizz, Jet-Vac, Eruptor and Trigger Happy all have vehicles of their own...
So why let just the SuperChargers have the fun? Here are a few custom vehicle spells I made!

Show ContentNOTE:

But first... I want to show you all this:
[Image: latest?cb=20170506084545]

Yep, I made a custom Alt Deco for Roller Brawl based on her SuperCharger form!
The ability came about as a solution to what is arguably the most ANNOYING thing in Battlecast: Ninjini's bottle.
Once she bottles up, she is practically invincible! Especially if you give her the Shiny Helmet or copy Jawbreaker's Galvanic Armor onto her with Copycat.
And so, such an ability was born! Plus, it makes enemies that get smacked by it take more damage from standard attacks. (Don't worry - it would be an expensive ability.)

Anyway... these are just a few of the vehicle spells I have done so far:

[Image: latest?cb=20170625044318][Image: latest?cb=20170625044206][Image: latest?cb=20170625044404]

Alright, let's look over the- hey, hang on a second...

Isn't the Stealth Stinger card just a re-skin of Ninja Strike?! Well... yeah, it is. And here's why: it just fits Stealth Elf AND her Battlecast playstyle. Come on, give me a break! It's hard enough as it is trying to keep on coming up with new and better card effects every time!

The Tomb Buggy card, however, is completely original in concept. AND it plays into Roller Brawl's playstyle!
If you swapped in that turn - as you do with Roller Brawl - you smack the sideline enemies for an extra 50 damage. Pretty good, huh?

And then there is the Crypt Crusher spell for the scrapped Battlecast Skylander - Fiesta. When I made originally made Fiesta's custom playstyle, it was basically the Tomb Buggy spell but the 50 damage extra was at Rank 3. I stayed to the buff at Rank 3... but that's about it. It's a bit gimmicky, but it's an evil way of saying "Have a taste of your OWN medicine!"

Show ContentDisclaimer for those who think these suck:
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Do you have templates of the cards without art, then you add the different art on top of it?
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As a matter of fact, yes I do!

You can find ones for the spells on my Skylander Wiki blog.
I haven't updated it in a while, so the ones I use for characters and mock-up Light and Dark elements are not available yet. I also haven't created templates for gear and relics - they're currently WIP.

Use the link below to reach my currently available templates:

Have fun making your own!!

INSTRUCTIONS (simple to use):
  1. Load the template into Photoshop - or anything similar that supports PNG file format.
  2. Load the artwork you want to use into the same program.
  3. Remove the centre colour from the template.
  4. Overlay the template onto your chosen artwork.
  5. Resize the artwork so that it fits neatly into the template.
  6. Save image as a JPG or similar. DONE!
As a reminder - templates with silver borders are general, while those with coloured borders are character specific.
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Amazing thank you! I have a few ideas I'll show soon.
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So, after my previous guffer from about a week ago where I mistook a certain scrapped card art for Bonds of Earth, I decided I had to make up for that in some way by using the Hot Spring artwork in a custom card.
The only problem was "What would the card do?"
I was at cross-roads... but then I came up with this rather clever idea:

[Image: latest?cb=20170710134614]

OK, it's a bit gimmicky, but it really was the best I could come up with.
I also gave it the Epic rating because the power is doubly complicated and effective. Now, why is it exclusive to Earth characters?
Dunno. Just came out that way.
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What, you thought I was done?
HA HA! Not even close!

I don't care if the game is officially cancelled now... that does not mean I can't continue to show my support for it.
And besides, if the game WANTS to continue as it is, it's either a fan game... or the physical card variant. And while I'd prefer the former, the latter is a lot more probably.
Though that "lot" is a very small lot.

Anyway, I came up with this idea while watching this PokéMon TCG Booster Box Unboxing video (mostly for the guys reactions, if anything) - Full Art card variants!
Yeah, I know: real original.

Sticking at least somewhat true to the PokéMon cards, I said to myself only Epic/Ultimate cards would suit. Preferably, you'd want it to be more so for Ultimate cards because they are INCREDIBLY rare, but we don't have a lot of artwork for them, so I was kind of backed into a corner... and as a second preference, I'd have wanted new/unused artwork, but there isn't a lot for, again, Epic's and Ultimate's.
Here are some I knocked up for Kraken's Beak and The Double-Izer. What do you think?

[Image: latest?cb=20170907012003][Image: latest?cb=20170907012038]

Oh, by the way, I also made a custom Full Art Skylander card...
Show ContentAnd here it is!:
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I'm back!

So we recently had new artwork discovered for Smolderdash and what appears to be a Magic relic. We also have that Trigger Happy artwork from a few months ago.
So here they are.

Bear in mind that the descriptions given for the custom character cards are more for completion purposes. To be honest, I'm not even sure what they could do myself. So I just gave them descriptions that seemed appropriate.
As for the relic artwork... well, I came up with a unique and interesting gimmick for it.
(Sorry for the poor quality. Not sure what's wrong with them.)

[Image: 131?cb=20180518052341][Image: 131?cb=20180518052105][Image: 133?cb=20180518052230]

If the Beach Happy description seems familiar, then it should. It's the same one I used for the cannon card around a year ago... when I was unaware that the artwork was actually used for the physical card that unlocks High Noon Trigger Happy. Maybe this artwork would have been used for a similar purpose, but it seems we will never know.
Anyway, what do you guys think?
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I think the Smolderdash card would've just been a regular damage thing, but very nice effects and names.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.

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