Graupel's Fan Arty Fanart
Everyone's posting their art might as well post mine. This is mostly reposts from accounts I have elsewhere.
(warning: huuuuge pictures)
Bröther may I have some elïxïr jüice
Aaaww Mini-Maley~
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I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make Malefor - the most ruthless and evil character in the. ENTIRE history of Spyro - look cute and adorable.

I also love that one with Wolfgang and Chopscotch. So good!
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Long overdue update. I do non-study art really infrequently :I

Bröther may I have some elïxïr jüice
Cool stuff, inverted Chopscotch and Bad Juju is funny.
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So... Are bad juju and chopscotch head masters now?
I'm 2 good for everyone. Cool

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