How many of you are from
Just completely curious, of course.
Well. I am from darkSpyro (not that active on it, though) and Untamed Heart.
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(08-28-2016, 11:01 AM)Operationgamer17 Wrote: Well. I am from darkSpyro (not that active on it, though) and Untamed Heart.

Oh I'm quite aware of who you are. Wink
I'm from there as well, and it's where I met CrystalBlazier and a long time later got invited here. I won't say who I am though, I had bad experiences with users trying to harass me in several sites, but I think anyone who knows me enough there can guess.
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I THINK I know who you are Graupel, but I won't ask here.

This one is pretty obvious, yes I am from DarkSpyro Tongue
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yup, I'm on DarkSpyro too...same name there as on here
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I'm on darkSpyro but I wouldn't say I come from there Tongue Some of you may know about My username there is Silverfire, I used to write articles on the main site and was a moderator on the forums (I still have the title but is pretty much dead).

Like Graupel, I'd rather not have anyone say or even try to guess who I am on darkSpyro. Who I am here is more representative of my attitude in general compared to how I act on darkSpyro.
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i wasnt on long, it was one click away from dying my short time there before i signed up here. I liked the trade and sell feature on there. this site and ghostroaster offered me more mature conversation and constructive criticism compared to darkspyro.
I've been on Darkspyro for awhile. (altho, I rarely do commenting) plus after watching CrystalBlazier's advertisement video on this fourm, I've decided to sign up as well.)
(this isn't the first time I've jumped from one fourm site to another like final fantasy fourms and Mugen fourms)
I'm formerly from darkSpyro, left the place after the admin has once again showed that he doesn't care for the community there as he constantly claims. Then I got doxxed by an egomaniac there.
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I am, I´m just there at times too see how the site slowly falls apart especially in the Skylanders Section. To be honest i don´t know why even i´m even still there.
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*raises hand* though I haven't been there in a WHILE. I mostly hanged out there when I was heavily playing Spyro's Adventures.
Hi y'all! Tortwag here, just another new member.
If you're lookin' for me, I'll be working on a lil' fanfiction, fan Skylander-related lore, and eventually an art thread that goes along with it - focused on Arkeyan stuff, mind you. 

Anyway, Nice to meet you, people!

I used to browse the area long ago...posted the first part of my legend of spyro fic trilogy there I think...its been so long.

Btw hello to everyone *waves*
Welcome! :3
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
I started out there, but it was getting a bit too weird and toxic (not everyone of course) for me. I love this forum though, everyone on here is SO nice and really seems genuine.
That’s where I can from originally. I just wanted a place to look at spyro stuff.
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