Welcoming the Freshmen
Hi so, my introduction is probably a year late... (oops). But I'm someone who has played Skylanders since Spyro's Adventure and have a copy of every single game (at last.... Took me a while to get swap force). Not really much of a serious collector, I've been slowly collecting Skylanders and I hope by the end of the year to have all of the Senseis and 10 creation crystals (each with a unique battle class + element), although I keep getting repeats from adventure packs.

I'm someone who just loves the graphics & music of Skylands and although I enjoy the core gameplay, I enjoyed those aspects of Skylands the most. I've changed a lot since I've joined. When I create posts & threads, I really try to come up with something unique and try my best to put all my effort into making it looking professional / looking nice. So yeah.

That's it really.... So umm.... Hi!
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(07-17-2016, 02:53 PM)CrystalBlazier Wrote: Welcome! Sorry for the lack of activity, but the forum is still growing and more content is added by the news updates. Wink

Greetings, friends.  I am capt Lynch, ameteur spyro fanfic writer, fan and game player, review and previewer.

Its nice to be here and I hope I enjoy it here as much as everyone else does.
Welcome, Capt Lynch!
Bröther may I have some elïxïr jüice

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